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Thinner Lips Naturally?

Is there anyway to get thinner lips naturally? I am a guy so make up is out of the question. I've heard of putting caffeine cream on lips which would... READ MORE

I Am 23 M, I Want to Reduce Size of my Both Lips. I Feel They Are Heavy and Thick. What Should I Do? (photo)

How would i look if i go for a surgery, i am just curious about that.i had braces attached for nearly couple of years, just removed. pls guide me.... READ MORE

Is There Any Non-surgical Method for Lip Reduction Correction? If Not, What Are My Options?

Good day every one .. i have problem with my upper and lower lips is sticking out and big more than normal and i think i need for reduction for my... READ MORE

Lips Too Wide. Is It Possible to Make Them a Bit Narrower?

I have seen the formula for ideal sized lips. It's something like "if a vertical line was drawn going downward from the inner part of the pupils of... READ MORE

Can I Get a Lip Reduction? (photo)

Hello im 23 years old and my bottom lip has always been big but its just getting bigger and bigger,i always bite it by mistake and there seems to be... READ MORE

What Are My Options For A Lip Reduction?

I've been wanting to make my lips stop protruding out for a long time, and my dentist says that if I remove 4 teeth (ouch) and get braces, my... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lip Reduction? (photo)

I am a 24 year old Asian male and have been conscious about the appearance of my side profile for just about my entire life. The problem area seems to... READ MORE

Pronounced/puffy Upper Lip Area? (photo)

The area around my upper lip is really puffy and pronounced. What is that? And is there anything I can do to correct it. READ MORE

When is the Right Age to Get a Lip Reduction? Is 16 Too Young?

I get teased a lot for them and i doubt that they'll thin evenly as i get older because my bottom lip is so much bigger than my top lip. Whenever... READ MORE

Why Do You Have to Keep Your Head Elevated and Sleep with Two Pillows After Lip Reduction?

I have done a lip reduction on June 19th .and couple of days i didnt sleep with my head elavated . i woke up and my face was on the bed so .will this... READ MORE

I feel that my lips are too big and fleshy. Could I have western sized lips? (Photo)

I am interested in having lip reduction surgery , im not interested in having 'ethnic lip reduction' i want western sized lips, i feel that my bottom... READ MORE

Restyline/implant/juvederm After Lip Reduction? (photo)

I had my lip reduction 6monts ago, Due to a horrible silikon injection 10 years ago:-(.(please see picures B&A). My doctor was very agressive left... READ MORE

Options For Lip Reduction To Correct Past Fat Transfer? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I had a permenant lip augmentation done a few years ago to my top and bottom lips with fat grafting and when I smile with my mouth... READ MORE

Lip Reduction - Empty Feeling in Lip Post-op

I had injected fat syringed out my lip a few months ago. However, my lip feels kind of empty in places now. Why may this have happened? Will it... READ MORE

How do I change my lip shape? Lip reduction? (photos)

I hate how large and grotesque my lips are. The bottom lip constantly gapping open. This causes me to have a constant frown :( I would like my upper... READ MORE

I Want my Lip Look Like the Third Pic I Provided. is It Possible? (photo)

By the passing days, my lips are looking much bigger & my bottom lip looks hanging lips? does surgery or other procedure can help me? my bottom... READ MORE

Is There a Limit Up to Which Lips May Be Reduced? (photo)

I have a thick philtrum area and big protruding lips. I have seen several before and after photos of lip reduction, but I have noticed that there is... READ MORE

Candidate For Lip Reduction with Braces on?

Hi, I've got braces on at the moment and would like to do lip reduction(both upper and lower). Is it possible? I'm very worried that the... READ MORE

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