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After-care for Lip Augmentation Using Juvederm?

I am wondering how much post-op care you need after getting Juvederm Lip augmentations (assuming one syringe). I am wondering if you can go back to... READ MORE

When Can I Eat After Lip Injections?

What are the aftercare instructions for eating after Juvederm injection into the lips? When can I eat, and does it matter what I eat? I just want to... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Top Lip? (Male) (photo)

Does my top lip look normal? If not, what could I do to correct it? I think the way it sticks out may affect my speech, because it is difficult to... READ MORE

Are There Any Special Products That Should Be Incorporated in a Lip Augmentation After Care Program?

Are there certain products that should be avoided after a augmentation? When can lipstick be worn again? READ MORE

Options For Permanent Lip Augmentation? Are There Any New Methods On The Horizon? (photo)

Since July I get Juv in my vermillion border (cupid's bow) & bottom lip for little bow lips with tooth show. Injections every 2 months cuz it... READ MORE

I Had a Lip Suspension Done 3 Weeks Ago. I Now Have Hard, Swollen Nodules at the Cartilage on Both Sides of the Septum.

I also have hard swelling on my philtrum. My surgeon is conservative and does not want to do steroid injections in the cartilage or the philtrum. Do I... READ MORE

VY lip plasty risks, benefits, how long does it last, recovery time, also will I be able to speak normally? (Photo)

I am getting a rhinoplasty next month. I am thinking about adding a vy plasty to make my lips permanently larger. I do not want injections, implants,... READ MORE

Could my expectations of fuller lips really be achieved without looking like a duck? (photos)

Hello. I have been wanting to get my lips enchanted for many years now. I think I'm now ready to do it. I want to know what I can really expect from... READ MORE

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it?

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it? I have thin lips and have been told when I smile they disappear and also when kissing a girl once she said it... READ MORE

Is there anyway to get better lips? (photos)

I had gullwing lift lip operation 1year ago for bigger lips, unfortunately there happened some complications after the operation, the result is awful.... READ MORE

How long is the recovery period after a v-y plasty for the upper lip?

I'very already had a lip lift, what will the recovery be like in comparison? More or less swelling? Thank you READ MORE

Can anyone please help with information with permLip?

I'm reading a lot bad comments and I don't no what to do? thanks. After effects, how long to get back to your work Best size to go for? READ MORE

i want/need to get rid of my piercing but am scared or the scar... how do i heal it extreamly quickly?

I loved doing this stupid trick last year with my lip piercing which was pulling it through my lip poking tongue causing scaring and scar tissue but i... READ MORE

Can I get a V-Y lip advancement surgery after a rhinoplasty?

I am considering VY plasty for both my upper and lower lips, to make them look larger. I am having rhinoplasty in July with a different surgeon. Would... READ MORE

I had injectable lip fillers earlier today. If I smoke marijuana out of a bong, will it affect the outcome of recovery?

This is my first injectable procedure, I'm fairly sure she used rejuvederm as that is the booklet she gave me, but told me she used the 'thicker'... READ MORE

Lip augmentation by fat transfer. How long does it take to recover and look normal? Is this pain normal?

I have done my lip augmentation by fat transfer today.I suffering from hard pain in my lips and my lips looked like Donald duck.I m really not feeling... READ MORE

Can the repositioned lip be reverted to its formal position ?

I got my lips repositioned for the gummy smile and I am still at a recovery stage , only 12 days has passed. I've noticed that my smile has improved... READ MORE

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