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Lips Uneven After Lip Augmentation

After lip fillers, 6 days later, my bottom lip has healed beautifully, the right side of my top lip is also fine but the left side seems to have a big... READ MORE

I Have What Looks Like Philtrum Lines Under my Bottom Lip Making It Look Like Two Lumps. Is This Removable? (photo)

I've always had this. When I smile, it smooths out and it almost unnoticeable, but its still puffy under my lips. I never really noticed it until... READ MORE

Pronounced/puffy Upper Lip Area? (photo)

The area around my upper lip is really puffy and pronounced. What is that? And is there anything I can do to correct it. READ MORE

How can I get defined, even and pink lips? (Photo)

Mine are puffy without any definition. They're also thick and has discoloration. My lips has always been fairly pale but for some years now dark spots... READ MORE

The upper white part of my lip between the vermillion border and base of nose is puffy and too long.

I want to make the pink part bigger or turn it outward without making my lips any thicker. My lips are so thick now with silicon 1000 that a lip lift... READ MORE

How to fix lip eversion/incompetence? (photos)

I had a lip pulling problem as a child which resulted in my lower lip being puffy and turned outwards. I basically feel like my lips are in a... READ MORE

Scar/puffy and pouty lip due to trauma? What can be done about it? (Photo)

One year ago, I was in a car accident - I ended up having my bottom lip area split pretty bad and I had several stitches below my lip - not on it. The... READ MORE

Can a filler help my lower lips to look even?

I had an injury to my lip and maybe 4 years ago I saw a facial surgeon and he performed lip surgery which left me still with uneven lip I believe... READ MORE

What is the recommended lip augmentation for bottom lip "droop?" (Photos)

I wish to know what cosmetic procedures may help as well as input on the cause of the issue. For years (8-10) my bottom lip has had a drop / puffy... READ MORE

I have unwanted puffiness in between my nose and lips. What can I do about it?

Hi my name is Gurdeep singh kalra.I belongs to India. I am very upset due to my unwanted puffness. i had unwanted puffness on mustache area. I am very... READ MORE

Camel mouth. Thick outward curving top lip, what are my treatment options? (Photos)

Is there a way to reduce the thickness or outward curve of the top lip when looking at it from a profile? As I've aged, the lip has gotten longer, but... READ MORE

What exactly would you call these issues and how can they be fixed? What are the prices for these procedures? (Photo)

I'm only 20 and within the past few years the skin around my top lip looks protruding/puffy. There are noticeable lumps at the corners of my mouth. It... READ MORE

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