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Can my Lips Be Made More Proportional and Full? (photo)

My lips are just very strange overall. They are incredibly disproportionate to my face, and each lip is disproportionate to the other. My top lip is... READ MORE

When getting lip filler, does the top lip usually swell more than the bottom lip? (photos)

I got lip filler in my lips 2 days ago. She massaged my top lip much more than my bottom. My top lip is bigger than what I wanted as far as proportion... READ MORE

Lip fillers for proportion and shape? (photo)

Hi! For a long time now I've been unhappy with my lips, they're kinda lumpy and really in-proportionate to my face, also they don't have a "shape".... READ MORE

If I were to get lip injections, would it look really fake on my lips? (Photo)

I have a really weird lip shape. It's fuller on the bottom, and more of a triangle shape on the top lip. What I don't like is how thin the top lip is.... READ MORE

Lip injections - is this a possible goal? (photos)

Hi there! I was just wondering if it's possible to make your top lip extend more upwards using only lip injections? I have quite a long face and a... READ MORE

Small mouth - can lip fillers improve lower face proportions? (Photos)

Hi - I have a fairly small mouth, and I was wondering if hyaluronic acid fillers could improve the "area" of my lips. I don't think I'd want much more... READ MORE

What is wrong with my upper lip and what can I do to fix it? (photos)

I have always had a thin upper lip but is there something else to this? are my chin proportions right? Besides lip augmentation what can I do to fix this? READ MORE

What can I do to enhance my lips and make them look fuller? Lip augmentation? (Photos)

What can I do to enhance my lips and make them look fuller? I feel like they are somewhat thin in real life, and I feel like they are aystmmetrical. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape the lips to make them softer and make the bottom lip bigger than the upper lip? (photo)

When I look up, my upper lip stands out and I don't like the way it looks. Is it possible to make lips softer and more proportional with fascia... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid lip injection. (photos)

6 yr. ago I tried a lip augm. with a filler based on hyal. acid.I was satisfied with a result,but the effect lasted only 8 months.I came back to dr.... READ MORE

Is it necessary for me to undergo both upper and lower lip augmentation to achieve a more proportionate mouth? (Photo)

The combination of my high cheekbones and chubby cheeks make for an unflattering profile in general. Aside from this, I have also noted that my upper... READ MORE

Will a doctor inject naturally large lips? (Photo)

I have large lips but the bottom is much larger than the top. Would a doctor be willing to inject fillers into my top lip to proportion them a little... READ MORE

My top lip is wonky (and there's a scar), what can I do so straighten it? (photos)

I have a slightly wonky face (my nose is a bit off to one side too - not touching that though). My top lip as well as being naturally wonky, is also... READ MORE

Is there something that can be done to achieve a more feminine face, would lip injections help? (photos)

I feel like I have a little bit of a witchy chin. I don't know if I would need a full chin reduction though. Maybe lip injections to achieve better... READ MORE

My lips are unattractive and oddly shaped. How can I fix it? I prefer a non-surgical procedure but i am open to it. (photos)

My lips are weird shaped, large and do not fit my face. They make my resting face look unattractive. What can I do to change them? READ MORE

What areas should I have doctor fill with Juvederm to fix unevenness/proportion?

I had my lips filled over a month ago so there is no more swelling. The last touch up was a over a month ago. Initially 1 syringe Juvederm Ultra Plus... READ MORE

My upper do not show up fully when I smile, and don't show up even a little when I talk. The philtrum gets folded too. (photo)

My upper teeth start as soon as nose finishes and philtrum covers like 3/4 of it. I got a broad forehead and in propotion to that the length bw nose... READ MORE

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