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Am I a Candidate for Lip Reduction? (photo)

I am a 24 year old Asian male and have been conscious about the appearance of my side profile for just about my entire life. The problem area seems to... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Even out Profile of Lips? (photo)

I'm not fond of my profile mainly due to my protruding nose and lower lips - but I'm only asking about my lips for this question. My lower lip... READ MORE

I don't like my profile view, as my lips don't look good. What are my options? (Photo)

I would just like to know based off my photo, what could improve my lip profile. I understand that a rhinoplasty is nessesary as well however i know... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation to balance out Upper/Bottom Lip and Side Profile Suggestions? (photo)

How could I balance out the way my side profile looks? I think my lips are an okay size, I would like to even them out and make them appear more... READ MORE

What surgeries would help give me a better profile? (photos)

I do not like my profile. Also, at rest, my lower lip doesn't touch my upper lip without a lot of tension in my chin. Is there any way to correct... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for lip fillers? (photos)

I really would like my upper lip to extend to the corners and meet my bottom lip. As I don't have much upper lip to work with, I'm worried that... READ MORE

Any recommendations for my face in general? Questions about Procedures. (photos)

Which surgeries I can benefit from? For a long time, I've been insecure about my profile and features. I've always felt that my jawline and chin... READ MORE

Weird profile after Restalyn Silk injection. Would a lip lift help? (Photos)

I am now 6 days out from Restalyn Silk injection in my upper lip (1 full syringe). I am happy with it from every angle except my profile. I feel like... READ MORE

What would you recommend to make my profile more balanced? (Photo)

I feel that my lips sink in and the crease between my lips and chin are deep. READ MORE

Lip fillers: I already have some what big lips but want to add more volume and a better profile? (photo)

I don't want to go to far to get them done somewhere near where I live Houston tx. READ MORE

Would lip augmentation bring my old lips back? (Photos)

I am roughly 9 months post-lower jaw surgery to set my mandible back. What I thought would give me a good bite and balanced facial profile has instead... READ MORE

Camel mouth. Thick outward curving top lip, what are my treatment options? (Photos)

Is there a way to reduce the thickness or outward curve of the top lip when looking at it from a profile? As I've aged, the lip has gotten longer, but... READ MORE

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