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Is it unusual to have swelling 4 days after lip injections? (Photo)

I had my lips injected with one syringe of juvederm volume 4 days ago. Its my first time ever having had them done and I'm really worried that this is... READ MORE

How to fix my downturned mouth? (photos)

My mouth and lips do not "rest" together naturally, which means the skin on my chin is pulled and dimply which also brings the corners of my mouth... READ MORE

Fell 14 yr ago, bit through my lower lip. I have an uneven lower lip due to scar tissue on inside, what are my options? (photo)

I fell 14 years ago and bit through my lower lip. I am left with what I THINK is scar tissue on the lower wet part of the lip. This creates a bulge on... READ MORE

How can I get a more prominent Cupid's Bow? (Photo)

Hello, I think my upper lip needs more definition in the Cupid Bow area. I wonder what procedures would be beneficial to me, as I'm not very concerned... READ MORE

My right upper lips is slightly different then my left upper lips. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

My right upper lips is slightly bigger then my left upper lips,it's not noticeable from the far but it can b notice if you look at them closely!it... READ MORE

5 days post op of Lip Augmentation with Juvederm, my lower lips developed hematoma. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Friday my lips were injected with a total of one syringe Juvederm Ultra XC I developed bruising within 1 hour post procedure. I've been icing 20 min... READ MORE

Lower mouth lip goes to right when I talk and smile. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hello,I'm Dima, 22. I was born with one lung and my heart was shifted to the right. I live a normal life and take no medication. However ever since I... READ MORE

Should I get my lip(s) done? I'm 17 and feel they're too large for my face

I hate my lips. Every time I take photos I "tuck" them in. I feel very insecure with them. & I want to get them done now. I'm currently 17 & I'm... READ MORE

What can be done to fix my uneven lips and scar tissue due to an accident? (Photo)

I was bit by a dog on the mouth as a teenager and a plastic surgeon stitched my top lip back together, as it was completely split in half. The left... READ MORE

What do you suggest for my wonky, uneven mouth? (Photo)

I hate my face when I smile, my nose is quite large and I get crows feet as i have to force a smile as I cannot move the lower left hand side of my... READ MORE

What's the solution for thick, protruding upper mouth? (Photo)

Hi doctors, My upper mouth looks protruding from the profile. I had a lateral head X-ray last year, and my maxilla doesn't look protruding, but I do... READ MORE

My lips split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. What treatment do you recommend? (photos)

I got into a fight exactly a week ago and my lip split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. more than the other... READ MORE

Is there surgery to reduce my philtrum therefore lifting my top lip to make it bigger? (photo)

My top lip is thin but when I lift my philtrum slightly under my nose my top lip goes bigger. So in fact I do have a larger top lip but seems to be... READ MORE

I feel that my lips are too big and fleshy. Could I have western sized lips? (Photo)

I am interested in having lip reduction surgery , im not interested in having 'ethnic lip reduction' i want western sized lips, i feel that my bottom... READ MORE

My lips are gross and produce excess skin that sheds. What is the cause? Can I change the shape of bottom lip? (Photo)

I am a man, I've tried everything to make my lips normal. I've tried various moisturizing creams and patroleum jelly. I've even simply not put... READ MORE

I am young, but I look old and tired! What can I do? (Photo)

31 years old and have noticed a drastic change in my face. I take good care of my skin but I think all my adventures are catching up to me! Upper lip... READ MORE

Is there any natural way to increase size of area between nose & upper lip?

My incisors are big so I get an awkward look when by mouth is open. READ MORE

Would I benefit from lip augmentation or a lip lift? (photo)

Would I benefit from lip augmentation or a lip lift? I would like my top lip to be fuller, however I don't want to have to go for injections every few... READ MORE

My upper lip does not cover my front teeth. How can I fix this? (photo)

My upper lip never cover my front teeth in the rest position. When I try to completely close my mouth, it cause chin dimple. I think I have a short... READ MORE

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