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How often is it okay for me to get lip injections?

When I get lip injections, they fade REALLY fast. I'm pretty young so my metabolism is really high. Anyways, I want to get lip injections every 1-2... READ MORE

Liplift or Permalip Implant? (photo)

I have a very small upperlip which doesn't look nice with my "normal", much thicker bottom lip. I unfortunally live in Europe and every... READ MORE

Permanent Lip Augmentation in Only One Lip? (photo)

I am very interested in getting permanent lip augmentation, specifically Permalip or Alloderm implants. I love the way my lips look after having... READ MORE

What exactly did Kylie Jenner do to her lips? (Photo)

I would love to get the same procedure Kylie Jenner did to her lips! I believe it might be a permalip but I don't know? Also I read that the largest... READ MORE

When Will my Smile Return After Permalip Implants?

I used to always get compliments on my smile. I loved the way my mouth moved when I talked. I've had permalips for almost 3 weeks now and my face... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Using Pmma Vs Perma Lip for More Definition and Proportion Vs Projection?

Hello, can you please tell me if I want to make my upper lip more proportional with my lower lip are permanent pmma injections better to get around... READ MORE

Permalip or upper lip lift? (Photo)

When I was younger I had reconstructive jaw surgery to correct a large overbite. I had my upper jaw taken out, broken and placed back in along with... READ MORE

Permalip with Piercings?

Hi I'm planning to get the permalip procedure done next year, but I'm wondering if it's possible I can have it done and keep my spiderbites piercings... READ MORE

I Got a Lip Implant and I Still Want my Lips to Be Bigger, What else Can I Do?

I got the largest permalip implant and I still want my top lip bigger with more volume at the cupids bow. Can another implant be placed on top of the... READ MORE

How to Do You Know Your PS Has the Right Measurement with Your Permalip Implant?

What decision do you base the measurement of the lip implant to decide which length is best for you? Is it suppose to go all the way into the corners... READ MORE

I have large Permalip implant in both lips. I want permanent results. Do you recommend something different? (photos)

I have large Permalip implant in both lips but still small what procedure can I add that is perm? V y plasty ? Do u recommend something different?... READ MORE

Can I get juvederm result (fake,puffy) with permalip 5mm? I want a drastic change. Any Permalip surgeons in Boston? (Photo)

I had 2 syringes of juvederm in both lips 5 days ago and i loved the way it looked 2 days after the injection. Now its settled and lost some volume... READ MORE

I have had my permalip implants for 6 years and now I would like to remove them. What are the complications?

I have had my permalip implants for 6 years and now I would like to remove them. What are the complications? Will it heal fast? Can my lips become... READ MORE

Does Permalip change the shape of the lip, or just enhance it? (photos)

I have tried juvederm , loved how they looked, volume and shape, however my body metabolises extremely quickly (3-4 weeks with ultra plus and voluma)... READ MORE

Had Anyone Gotten Cold Sores After Getting Permalip Done?

Help please! I'm tiered of having baby lips and been wanting to get my lips done I've been online for almost 5 hours and I'm very interested in... READ MORE

Permalip lip removal? What will they look like and what is the pain like?

Had them out in 8 months ago, smile is altered, tight and cannot open mouth very wide . What will they look like if I have them removed & what is the... READ MORE

What Providers Preform Permalip?

Maybe I'm being dense, but I looked on Surgisil's site and could not find a list of providers who perform Permalip implants. Does anyone know... READ MORE

How to obtain these lips? Can I get lip injections with a permalip implant in? (photo)

Hi i had permalip put in 10 months ago. The result are way too subtle. I wanted huge lips after which i did not receive. ( wasted my money). How would... READ MORE

Are permalip implants stackable? Should i go with 2 stacked permalip implants or lip lifting for puffy pouty lips? (Photo)

I have thin lips and im looking for a drastic change. Juvederm (2 syringes) helps but is not enough for the pouty lips im looking for. I think 3... READ MORE

Irish Woman, Seeking Permalip Surgeon in Ireland? (photo)

My lips have always been too thin for my face, I have big eyes, and could carry much bigger lips. They also turn downwards, making me look like Im... READ MORE

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