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Wanting Lip Injections, Pain Tolerance is Super Low, Suggestions?

Hi doctors! My name is Jennifer and my pain tolerance is extremely low! I'm super sensitive to needles and I tend to get really nervous and... READ MORE

Lip fillers 12 hours ago. SEVERE swelling! Please tell me when this will go down. I'm devastated. (Photo)

I had my lip fillers corrected last night as a previous doctor had left my lips uneven. I had them fixed last night with 1ml over top and bottom.... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Pain - Anesthesia Options?

Are there other anesthesia options for lip augmentation when topical dental blocks and ice are not enough? READ MORE

Are Pain and Lumps Normal 3 Months After Injection to Lips?

I have had lip filler injections about 3 months ago, and they are still painful and a little lumpy, is that normal? ( I dont remember what the filler... READ MORE

Upper Lip Swelling and Pain?

M sanya. my upper lip has a swelling..i had used familia tablet to stop periods for only one month..because of using this tablet for the first time i... READ MORE

How much does lip reduction surgery hurt?

I want to get a lip reduction surgery,and i wanna know how much pain it will be. READ MORE

Ice then Shower Causing Pain After Lip Injections. What's Going On?

I am so scared please help. my lips was fine after 3-4 hours they started swollen and painfull. READ MORE

How painful are lip injections? What can I do to reduce my pain? Can you take medicine beforehand to calm you down? (Photo)

I barely have any lips at all and would like a small increase for now, I'm very bad with needles and I'm not sure if I can handle the pain. READ MORE

Sudden painful swelling in submucosal mass. Why has this happened? (Photo)

I had filler inject months ago at my nose septum I can feel it penetrate to my upper lips in the operating but the look is fine and nothing wrong.... READ MORE

Lip Swelling After Yaluronic Acid Injection

I had yaluronic acid injected in my upper lip 7 days ago. The swelling was gradually reduced but today it suddenly got swollen again and hurts... READ MORE

Is my outcome normal? I had my lips done 2 days ago & I'm in a bit of pain. I've got quite bad bruising & swelling. (Photo)

I took ibuprofen straight after as I wasn't told I shouldn't. I realized a lump straight away & my doctor massaged it. My lips have become very... READ MORE

Had both my top and bottom lip done 36 hours ago the bottom looks great, the top is so swollen! Should I be worried? (photo)

I had my top and bottom lip done 2 days ago. My bottom lip is fine, doesn't hurt, not swollen, looks good. The too however hurts and is still... READ MORE

Pain after hyacorp lip augumentation (Photo)

I had hyacorp lip filler two days ago, without anesthetic, very painful. I had a hematoma in my upper lip. I feel pain in my upper lip and other side... READ MORE

Permalip lip removal? What will they look like and what is the pain like?

Had them out in 8 months ago, smile is altered, tight and cannot open mouth very wide . What will they look like if I have them removed & what is the... READ MORE

Lip Reduction. Started to Develop a Painful Mole on My Lips. What Can I Do?

Hi, I'm a 18 year who has thought of having lip reduction. As a child was always teased about my big lips, but it didn't seem to bother me. But as I... READ MORE

About lip filler lumps? (photos)

I got my lips done in June and I was really disappointed in my results the next day I had really bad swelling my lips touched my nose and I couldn't... READ MORE

Cannula Needle Lip Injections? (photos)

I'm for someone in Washington, preferably around the Seattle area, that uses cannula needles for lip injections. I am very sensitive to pain and with... READ MORE

Swelling red very painful 1ml lip filler 5 days ago. (photos)

I had 1ml lip filler 5 days ago within the first 24 hours my top lip on the left side swelled into a lump it hasn't gone down since I've iced ever... READ MORE

Lip augmentation by fat transfer. How long does it take to recover and look normal? Is this pain normal?

I have done my lip augmentation by fat transfer today.I suffering from hard pain in my lips and my lips looked like Donald duck.I m really not feeling... READ MORE

I have had lip trauma from an accident from 10 yrs ago. I would like surgery to help with the look and pain of my injury.(photo)

Aswell as the cosmetic reasons for surgery I also think surgery could be beneficial for the pain I get. My lip swells and I feel this is partly due to... READ MORE

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