Nose + Lip Augmentation

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Options to Minimize Distance Between Nose and Mouth?

I don't like the way my mouth makes me look older, the upper lip is very thin and the space between nose and lips is large. Also, the corners drop a... READ MORE

How Can I Achieve a Fuller Upper Lip?

Is there a way i can get fuller upperlip without the monthly treatments with Silikon 1000 procedure, if i were to get only one treatment would it be... READ MORE

Is there surgery to reduce my philtrum therefore lifting my top lip to make it bigger? (photo)

My top lip is thin but when I lift my philtrum slightly under my nose my top lip goes bigger. So in fact I do have a larger top lip but seems to be... READ MORE

Is lip augmentation right for me? Will it make my nose look smaller or more narrow? Will it hide my gummy smile? (photos)

I'm 25 spanish female. To start, I have a rather thin upper lip. My upper lip is far from the tip of my nose. I like my regular smile but I have an... READ MORE

Will Lip Agumentation or Lip Lift Procedure Effect the Shape of the Nose?

I have undergone ortho gnatic surgery 2 months back my uper lip is covering my teeth. while smiling i have to drag my lips to show my teeth it making... READ MORE

Would V-Y lip augmentation/ lip lift affect nose job?

I wanted to get both procedures done but, with separate doctors: which should I get done first? Also, could I conservatively get the v-y and then get... READ MORE

I did a lips filling yesterday but my upper lip look like duck dace and the buffness starts just after the nose (photos)

Is it normal to look like duck face and how much tune it needs to look normal and can I remove the filling if I didnt like the results READ MORE

I'm not sure what exact surgeries I should get for what I want? Or if I'm old enough? I'm turning 16 in May? (Photo)

I attached pictures of me, and what I amost want to look like, if possible. I pulled my hair back so you could see better. I mainly want my lips and... READ MORE

Does the distance betwen my nose and lips look normal? (Photo)

Hi what should be the normal distance between nose and lip mine seems quite large when i look at other peoples READ MORE

I am a man in his fifties. I have found the area between my nose and upper lip has grown and that my upper lip has thinned.

Can something be done to reduce the area between my nose and upper lip? Is upper lip disappearance caused by the growth of this area (that forces the... READ MORE

What's wrong with my face? (Photo)

I feel like I have droopy lips and a kindve somewhat aligned nose. I want to know what my imperfections are so I can go get them checked out . Excuse... READ MORE

I would like advice as to what surgeries I could undergo to make my features more harmonious with each other? (photo)

I think perhaps a narrower lips and bigger upper lip would suit me more. Is this realistic for me. Is a nose like Aishwarya rai's realistic for my face. READ MORE

What's the most to least amount of work could I do to my lips and nose? Looking for the least amount. (Photo)

I dislike my profile of my face. I'm very uncomfortable with my nose and lips. I don't know what to do with them to make them look good. My lip to my... READ MORE

I have unwanted puffiness in between my nose and lips. What can I do about it?

Hi my name is Gurdeep singh kalra.I belongs to India. I am very upset due to my unwanted puffness. i had unwanted puffness on mustache area. I am very... READ MORE

Options to enhance thin upper lip & minimize distance between nose and mouth? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I am unhappy with my thin upper lip and the distance between my nose and mouth, which is 1.5 cm. My front teeth show slightly when part... READ MORE

Lip fillers and a thinner, more defined nose. What would you suggest as far as lip injections go? (Photo)

Hi, my name is Claudia and I just turned 19. I am extremely self conscious about my nose and my lips, I can't leave the house without using some kind... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my small/short lips? (photos)

Width of my lips is quite short. They are almost equal to my nose. What can i do to enlarge them? READ MORE

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