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Is it unusual to have swelling 4 days after lip injections? (Photo)

I had my lips injected with one syringe of juvederm volume 4 days ago. Its my first time ever having had them done and I'm really worried that this is... READ MORE

Have my lip fillers gone wrong? Heavy bruising and duck face (Photo)

I had my upper lip Injected yesterday and have woken up today with bad bruising inside my lip and I look like a duck!! I don't know what's best to do... READ MORE

What Lip Augmentation Procedure Do You Recommend?

Hello, I am a 26 year old female who hates her lips!! My top lip is too small and shaped like the letter "M". What procedure would I need to have done... READ MORE

Had lip filler 3 days ago. I have hard lumps and an uneven duck mouth. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had lip filler to my top lip to contour and fill on 8th October it's now 11th is this normal result I have 3 hard lumps under my top lip and feel... READ MORE

Are Pain and Lumps Normal 3 Months After Injection to Lips?

I have had lip filler injections about 3 months ago, and they are still painful and a little lumpy, is that normal? ( I dont remember what the filler... READ MORE

Round Lumps Same Day After Lip Fillers, Should I Worry? Permanent?

I am a total worryer, I have had lip fillers (only today) but I can feel round lumps or nodules under my upper lip. I do have bruising understandably... READ MORE

Juverderm Filler. Will my lips soften?

I had my lips done 36 hours ago and there is no swelling however my lips feel sore and i cant move them too much , they seem hard. is it normal for... READ MORE

Lip Reduction - Empty Feeling in Lip Post-op

I had injected fat syringed out my lip a few months ago. However, my lip feels kind of empty in places now. Why may this have happened? Will it... READ MORE

I did a lips filling yesterday but my upper lip look like duck dace and the buffness starts just after the nose (photos)

Is it normal to look like duck face and how much tune it needs to look normal and can I remove the filling if I didnt like the results READ MORE

Is my outcome normal? I had my lips done 2 days ago & I'm in a bit of pain. I've got quite bad bruising & swelling. (Photo)

I took ibuprofen straight after as I wasn't told I shouldn't. I realized a lump straight away & my doctor massaged it. My lips have become very... READ MORE

Should I be worried about the swelling after lip fillers? They are huge! (Photo)

I had my lip fillers done yesterday. I am so worried about the swelling! I can't remember it swelling like this last time.. I had 0.7 of juverderm... READ MORE

One side is bigger than the other. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got my lips done a day ago and one side was a little bit bigger so my injector told me to smash it around so i did and it's bigger then it was READ MORE

Lip Scar Tissue. Is this normal?

I did a lip reduction surgery 14 months ago, and now I have a hard scar tissue which I been massaging on it. The scar turned white and still tight... READ MORE

I had 3/4 of 1ml for my lips about 41 hours ago and noticed a lump on my left bottom lip. Is this common? (Photo)

I had more injected into my bottom lip than my top, straight after injection the lump became more noticeable, just wanted to know if it's just... READ MORE

Does the distance betwen my nose and lips look normal? (Photo)

Hi what should be the normal distance between nose and lip mine seems quite large when i look at other peoples READ MORE

I had liquid silicone inserted into my lips, about a year ago and I had an allergic reaction, can this be removed? (photos)

I wanted enhance my lips, so I went to a doctor in Chicago, in the Little Village area, he claimed to be a plastic surgeon. He injected liquid... READ MORE

Is it normal that one side of my lips is harder than the rest after lips filler? (Photo)

I have one side of my lips that is harder and looks more puffy then the rest of my lips... I called my injector and has asked me to massage the hard... READ MORE

Uneven swelling after lip fillers. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had my nasiolabial folds injected and noticed one side fuller than the other. Also, after having my lip fillers done, i noticed the left side of my... READ MORE

Swelling 8 hours after lip filler. When will this go down? Is it normal?(Photo)

When will this go down? Is it normal? It doesnt hurt but its hot and feels a bit uncomfotrable. READ MORE

Lip augmentation by fat transfer. How long does it take to recover and look normal? Is this pain normal?

I have done my lip augmentation by fat transfer today.I suffering from hard pain in my lips and my lips looked like Donald duck.I m really not feeling... READ MORE

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