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Thinner Lips Naturally?

Is there anyway to get thinner lips naturally? I am a guy so make up is out of the question. I've heard of putting caffeine cream on lips which would... READ MORE

How Long Would a Hyaluronic Acid Lip Enhancement Last?

How long does it generally last? and is there any dangers or serious side effects to take into consideration before doing this? also do you recommend... READ MORE

How to make my lips smaller naturally without makeup & surgery but medical related product?

By using nails on my lips means by scraching lip skin from my lips with my nails has made my lip bigger. READ MORE

Is There Any Non-surgical Method for Lip Reduction Correction? If Not, What Are My Options?

Good day every one .. i have problem with my upper and lower lips is sticking out and big more than normal and i think i need for reduction for my... READ MORE

How Can I Achieve a Fuller Upper Lip?

Is there a way i can get fuller upperlip without the monthly treatments with Silikon 1000 procedure, if i were to get only one treatment would it be... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options for Asymmetrical Smile?

I've always had an asymmetrical smile - my right lifts freely to connect with the smile line, whereas my left struggles and a bulge is visible on... READ MORE

My Lip Protrudes and I Want to Know What my Options Are? (photo)

My lip protrudes quite significantly when my mouth is relaxed and this is very annoying. I want to know what options are available to me? I have... READ MORE

What nonsurgical procedures can address (at least somewhat) extreme facial asymmetry? (photos)

My face is extremely asymmetrical. I am aware there is no such thing as perfect symmetry as far as we humans are concerned, but as I age (which is... READ MORE

Fell on concrete sidewalk Jan 2012. How can I get rid of pouch of scar tissue on upper lip? Options besides surgery? (photo)

After some healing of busted lip, p.surgeon gave me steroid injections: -didn't inject much bc he feared it could get smaller -encouraged waiting a... READ MORE

How can I fix my lip besides plastic surgery? (photos)

6 years ago I was hit in the face with a boomerang completely lacerated my top lip right in the middle . It was stitched up by a doctor but it was... READ MORE

How to fix left lower lip that cannot pull down (diagonally to left), and crooked mouth when talking/smiling? (photos)

Hi. My problem is that my mouth is severely crooked when I talk or smile. My left lower lip does not pull down like the right. I am guessing there is... READ MORE

I was wondering if there is a non- surgical pecedure to even my lips out and get rid of the bump? (Photo)

Hi! When I was three I fell off of my house steps. They were cement when I fell I bit through my bottom lip. My mom said that it would go down and I... READ MORE

What's the best suggestion for my problem? (Photo)

My sideview looks horrible I dont understand the structure of my jaw why is it like that i always hide my face with my hair im only young i dont need... READ MORE

Is there a safe way to get rid of biopolymer without surgery, using only some kinds of injections and medical equipment? (Photo)

There is a popular beautician, who claims that she can remove polymere out of anyone's lips, without surgery. I know some of her patients and they... READ MORE

Is there a non-surgical method to change the shape of my lips? (Photo)

My lips are lumpy, uneven, and oddly shaped, and I consistently look like I am frowning. Is there some sort of injection or other nonsurgical method... READ MORE

How can I get smaller lips without make-up or surgery? (phoots)

Over the years, I've realized that there's always a way to get bigger lips but barely ever a way to get smaller lips. Even when there is a way to get... READ MORE

Best non-surgical recommendation to fix downturned lip corners/resting frowny face? (Photo)

I've always disliked some feature of my face, but couldn't put my finger on what until recently. Though my nose is a bit larger than I would like, the... READ MORE

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