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Megan Fox Lips: Did She Have Juvederm or Collagen for Her Lips?

I think actress Megan Fox has had her lips done recently. They look fuller and natural, but not fake. Can anyone tell me what she used? Is it collagen... READ MORE

I Have Very Thin Lips, What Are My Options? (photo)

I want to get a natural look, but I have very thin lips and a small mouth. What filler should I choose? I'm 23 years old READ MORE

Possible Improving Thin Upper Lip with a Natural Look? (photo)

I have a very thin upper lip.However I have the pink part of my upper lip not showing.I want to get my lips done but I want a very natural look. I... READ MORE

Will Lip Augmentation (Possibly Via Injections) Make my Lips Close Naturally? (photo)

My lips have never touched at rest. My bottom lip is very full and my top lip quite thin, so I was wondering if I got my top lip augmented, maybe my... READ MORE

Candidate for Lip Augmentation? (photo)

My lips are rather small, my sister has a similar face to myself and has much fuller lips. I am wondering if I am a candidate for lip augmentation?... READ MORE

My Upper Lip As Well As Lower Lip is Very Small, So How Can I Make It a Little Plump Without Having an Artifical and Pouting Loo

My Upper Lip As Well As Lower Lip is Very Small, So How Can I Make It a Little Plump Without Having an Artifical and Pouting Loo small face and... READ MORE

Which filler gives the most natural lip augmentation results - Juvederm or Restylane?

I'm african american and my lips aren't small but they lack plumpness/fullness. My upper lip is relatively thin and my lips are "flat". I'd like... READ MORE

is it possible to obtain Adriana Lima's lips without looking fake?

I have medium sized lips & I would like to have the lip of Adriana Lima. I personally think she has the best lips ever, but I would not like to have... READ MORE

How can I permanently acheive bigger, fuller lips that look natural? (Photo)

Regarding the photos I attached, what lip enhancement procedure could this be? Is there a way to acheive these results permanently, rather than... READ MORE

Most natural looking filler for fuller, softer lips?

I'm 48 and my lips are losing volume with age. I'd like something that is going to last for at least 6 months but there are so many fillers and I'm... READ MORE

Can you tell which kind of lip augmentation this girl has had from these photos?

The girl on the pictures below has clearly had lip argumentation to achieve fuller lips. I really like her results because if I actually did not know... READ MORE

Which Lip Augmentation procedure would be best for natural looking results: Bullhorn or V-Y? (photo)

I have thin lips, but do not like the look of fillers. I don't want duck lips either. I seem to have too much of a gap between my nose and top lip.... READ MORE

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it?

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it? I have thin lips and have been told when I smile they disappear and also when kissing a girl once she said it... READ MORE

My upper lip is thin and lacks definition. What procedure would be best for me, Lip Lift or Lip Augmentation? (photos)

I am 20 years old and want to give my upper lip a better shape . it is thin and lacks definition , However I don't want it to look unnatural. So what... READ MORE

Is It True That The Bigger Your Lips Are to Begin With, the More Natural Lip Augmentation Looks

I am considering lip augmentation with some sort of filler and I've always thought that the bigger your real lips are to begin with, the more... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to enhance my lips? (photos)

I really dislike my lips but have never done anything as I do not want to waste money on temporary fillers if I could spend it on a more permanent... READ MORE

Whats the softest and most natural filler for the lips?

I always can feel it by touching my lips, or if i smile real intense you can see the small sphere where injections have been made. Lips are lest soft... READ MORE

Why the Aliaxin SR is not FDA approved and not as famous as Juvederm and other brands?

Because I wanted to contour my lips and they suggest me to use Aliaxin SR for more natural look. I do live in sweden though. So now I am worried if I... READ MORE

First procedure, I'm currently looking for doctors in the New York that do beautiful lip augmentation (Photo)

I'm basically looking for well reviewed doctors that have done a good job on lip injections but have no idea where to start. I also want to ask if I... READ MORE

Can I achieve this look with lip injections? (photos)

Hello, my lips are average size and pouty but I want to achieve lips like This woman. I was wondering if it was even possible to look naturally like... READ MORE

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