Mouth + Lip Augmentation

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Best Treatment to Make my Top Lip Look Fuller?

I have a very small mouth and virtualy no top lip, I have been advised that a combination of filler and botox, filler for age lines and a little... READ MORE

How to fix my downturned mouth? (photos)

My mouth and lips do not "rest" together naturally, which means the skin on my chin is pulled and dimply which also brings the corners of my mouth... READ MORE

Lip Fillers for a Small Mouth? (photo)

I have always wanted bigger fuller lips but Im worried that the size of my mouth is too small and it will make me look strange. Is it possible to some... READ MORE

Procedure for Small Mouth Opening

I have a small mouth opening and I would like my lips to be wider--not thicker. I hear about Lip lifts to make upper lip look fuller but I've never... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix Lip Incompetence? (photo)

What options do I have to correct lip incompetence? I am very self conscious about my mouth hanging open all the time and my large teeth. Thanks READ MORE

Is it possible to lengthen mouth corners?

I want to lengthen my mouth corners. I have a rather small mouth and if a surgeon could (in laymans terms) make a slit on each mouth corner to lengthn... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation/Botox Help Close My Mouth Without Straining?

I have a receding lower jaw that causes problems with my esthetic appearance and health. I have to stain my lips to close my mouth and as a result, I... READ MORE

Considering lip lift or will fillers archive the beestung pouty look? (photos)

I have a small mouth, I wouldn't call my lips thin but I'd like them to be fuller? What are my options to achieve the looks in the photos? READ MORE

Is it Possible to Make your Mouth Wider after Lip Augmentation?

I was just curious, but specifically, is it possible to make your mouth wider after lip augmentation, or will the result absolutely be horrible after... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Lips filler? (photos)

I really wanna do fill my lips and i want something noticeable ? What should i fill them with ? As pics can shown i have a big wide mouth how would it... READ MORE

My mouth goes to one side. Any suggestions? (photos)

My lips go to one side when i talk or smile.Also when i look into mirror i can see my mouth is 60-70% more on to right side of face.I am 34 years old... READ MORE

What to do about these mouth protrusions on the corners of my mouth? (photos)

I've had the protrusion on the on the right side for quite some time but it seems to be getting worse. Now more recently the left one has decided to... READ MORE

How to correct the mounds around the sides of my mouth, which are much more prominent on my left side. (photo)

I am 28 now. When I started college, I gained 15 pounds, and I noticed the mounds for the first time shortly after I lost the weight a few years later... READ MORE

Lip lift accompanied with fillers in cheeks or cheek implants - is this a good idea? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I'm 25 yrs old and have been underweight for many years. I'm noticing aging signs such as flat cheeks, droopy mouth corners, beginning... READ MORE

How to fix a long philtrum and protruding lips/mouth? (photos)

I feel as though my facial features are not in balance and are not attractive. I have a small, short nose and a long upper lip that protrudes beyond... READ MORE

What can I do about my sagging mouth corners? I'm only 19 and It's getting worse and worse every day! (photos)

About a year ago I've noticed some drooping on the corners of my mouth. It's still not so bad but it's getting worse every day! It wasn't like this... READ MORE

How to fix mouth shape? (photos)

Hi So when I was a small child I fell off my bike and one side of my upper lip ended up getting stuck in my teeth. I have some scar tissue in my lip.... READ MORE

Options to enhance thin upper lip & minimize distance between nose and mouth? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I am unhappy with my thin upper lip and the distance between my nose and mouth, which is 1.5 cm. My front teeth show slightly when part... READ MORE

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