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Massaging Lip After Juvederm Injection

I had 3 injections of Juvederm over 3 weeks and finally have the results I want, except for a couple of bumps on the upper lip. Can I massage them... READ MORE

What Do to with Swollen Lip After Massaging a Lump? (photo)

I've been having problems with my lips from day 1 since getting juvederm injections. Basically I've delt with swollen top lips, swollen bottom... READ MORE

Would Massage Help Lumps from Old Collagen Lip Injections?

I had collagen lip injections 23 years ago which never fully deflated. This was supposed to be collagen from sheep and would be temporary, 2 to 6... READ MORE

Huge lump in upper lip after 1ml of Rofilan Lips-injections. Should I massage my lips? Should I put ice on them? (photo)

I have had 1ml of Restylane injected before. It went ok. A little lumpy for a month but after massaging the lips they got smoother. I am very worried.... READ MORE

Bumps and lumps after lip injections, should I massage them out? (Photo)

I had my lips augmented with hyaluronic 48h ago, and have bumps in my lips since. I massaged my upper lip and there is only one bump left, visible... READ MORE

Massage after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid - what to expect?

I rubbed my lips after having had hialuronic acid injected and lips, which were plump, but nice, went nuts. I read RS and learnt I shouldn't have... READ MORE

I had my lips injected last Sunday and developed a large lump inside my lower lip. How can I fix it? (Photo)

The person told me it's normal to get lumps and that it would leave he told me to massage it which I have everyday twice a day for 2 mins and it's now... READ MORE

First time lip filler. Does it have a shorter time span?

I've been told that the very first lip augmentation with fillers lasts only a month or 2 at best. Also will massaging lips 5 weeks after filler help... READ MORE

When getting lip filler, does the top lip usually swell more than the bottom lip? (photos)

I got lip filler in my lips 2 days ago. She massaged my top lip much more than my bottom. My top lip is bigger than what I wanted as far as proportion... READ MORE

I had my lips done over 5 weeks ago; is this normal? (Photo)

I am left with lumps in my lips and a slight hang on the right side is this normal, i have appt tomorrow to maybe have more filler in would or could... READ MORE

Upper lip V-y plasty, persistent pocket of inflammation not improving. How long will it take to resolve? Will massaging it help?

Hi, I had the v-y plasty procedure 3 weeks ago. The lip swelling has gone down and I'm happy with the increased lipline, but there is lumpy... READ MORE

I've had collagen injected in my lips, how can I remove it?

My bottom lip is really uneven, I injected collagen in my lips about 2 months ago, I thought it would get better by time but it's not, I can feel like... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix this pout? (Photos)

What is the best way to fix this pout? Decrease the hyaluronic acid with the enzyme injection OR add more filler in the right places??? Is this a... READ MORE

Unevenness and bumps after Lip augmentation! Should I do anything? (photos)

I got my upper lip done yesterday (0.5ml). After injection, I noticed that lip is uneven. He tried to correct but it still looked uneven although he... READ MORE

Can I harm, dislodge, or move my Alloderm Lip Augmentation graft by massaging my lips?

One side of my lips looks larger than the other now that I've massaged it. I am 22 days post-op. READ MORE

How can I fix my lips and what should I use? Overall, I want big EVEN lips. (photo)

Made the mistake of going to a cheap injector... don't know what they used, overtime it did go away but there was still lumps in my lips and realized... READ MORE

How to even out bumps after lip filler procedure? (Photos)

I got my lips done yesterday and I have a huge ball on the right side of my upper lip, it's very noticeable. When I smile my lips look distorted.... READ MORE

How long after lip injection should you start massaging the area?

Yesterday I got lip injection done for the very first time (only on my upper lip) and today I massaged my lip. I know that you aren't allowed to even... READ MORE

If I had Hemangiomas or nodules will if affect my natural lip shape?

After fillers I had a lump on one side of my lips. It was blueish in colour. It took about 3 weeks to go.4 months along now the side I had the lump in... READ MORE

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