Massage + Lip Augmentation

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Massaging Lip After Juvederm Injection

I had 3 injections of Juvederm over 3 weeks and finally have the results I want, except for a couple of bumps on the upper lip. Can I massage them... READ MORE

What Do to with Swollen Lip After Massaging a Lump? (photo)

I've been having problems with my lips from day 1 since getting juvederm injections. Basically I've delt with swollen top lips, swollen bottom... READ MORE

Would Massage Help Lumps from Old Collagen Lip Injections?

I had collagen lip injections 23 years ago which never fully deflated. This was supposed to be collagen from sheep and would be temporary, 2 to 6... READ MORE

Huge lump in upper lip after 1ml of Rofilan Lips-injections. Should I massage my lips? Should I put ice on them? (photo)

I have had 1ml of Restylane injected before. It went ok. A little lumpy for a month but after massaging the lips they got smoother. I am very worried.... READ MORE

I had my lips injected last Sunday and developed a large lump inside my lower lip. How can I fix it? (Photo)

The person told me it's normal to get lumps and that it would leave he told me to massage it which I have everyday twice a day for 2 mins and it's now... READ MORE

Massage after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid - what to expect?

I rubbed my lips after having had hialuronic acid injected and lips, which were plump, but nice, went nuts. I read RS and learnt I shouldn't have... READ MORE

First time lip filler. Does it have a shorter time span?

I've been told that the very first lip augmentation with fillers lasts only a month or 2 at best. Also will massaging lips 5 weeks after filler help... READ MORE

Upper lip V-y plasty, persistent pocket of inflammation not improving. How long will it take to resolve? Will massaging it help?

Hi, I had the v-y plasty procedure 3 weeks ago. The lip swelling has gone down and I'm happy with the increased lipline, but there is lumpy... READ MORE

I had my lips done over 5 weeks ago; is this normal? (Photo)

I am left with lumps in my lips and a slight hang on the right side is this normal, i have appt tomorrow to maybe have more filler in would or could... READ MORE

Can I harm, dislodge, or move my Alloderm Lip Augmentation graft by massaging my lips?

One side of my lips looks larger than the other now that I've massaged it. I am 22 days post-op. READ MORE

Unevenness and bumps after Lip augmentation! Should I do anything? (photos)

I got my upper lip done yesterday (0.5ml). After injection, I noticed that lip is uneven. He tried to correct but it still looked uneven although he... READ MORE

I've had collagen injected in my lips, how can I remove it?

My bottom lip is really uneven, I injected collagen in my lips about 2 months ago, I thought it would get better by time but it's not, I can feel like... READ MORE

How long after lip injection should you start massaging the area?

Yesterday I got lip injection done for the very first time (only on my upper lip) and today I massaged my lip. I know that you aren't allowed to even... READ MORE

If I had Hemangiomas or nodules will if affect my natural lip shape?

After fillers I had a lump on one side of my lips. It was blueish in colour. It took about 3 weeks to go.4 months along now the side I had the lump in... READ MORE

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