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Is It Normal That I Still Have Hard Lumps on my Lips More Than 1 Month After Injection? (photo)

Hello. I'm kind of very desperate. I got lip injections about 5 weeks ago and it got VERY swollen and I look like a deformed duck now. The initial... READ MORE

How to Avoid Lip Injection Lumps?

I heard the more thats injected the more likely lumps will form so does that mean its tough to get full lips without lumps? or does it depend on the... READ MORE

Lip Injections Are Lumpy when I Smile, Will this Even Out? (photo)

Okay It is only a day after my first Juvederm injections but I am a little concerned on the lasting effects. My top lip has two bumps in the front... READ MORE

How to Remove Collagen and Lumps on Lips?

I was injected with some type of collagen inside my lips, and it was supposed to stay for 6 months. It's nearly 2 years now, and it formed painful... READ MORE

Would Massage Help Lumps from Old Collagen Lip Injections?

I had collagen lip injections 23 years ago which never fully deflated. This was supposed to be collagen from sheep and would be temporary, 2 to 6... READ MORE

Lumpy Lips! Please Help, Am Devastated? (photo)

Hi, I had restylane in my lips for the first time 4 weeks ago. I was unhappy as there was next to no difference from before, and one side had more... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Dissolve Lumps Without Reducing my Achieved Lip Volume?

I have taken lips injections 2 times,after 1st time i felt several lumps on my lips which is very uneven and 2nd time i am feeling same lumps,what is... READ MORE

Had lip filler 3 days ago. I have hard lumps and an uneven duck mouth. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had lip filler to my top lip to contour and fill on 8th October it's now 11th is this normal result I have 3 hard lumps under my top lip and feel... READ MORE

I have a lump in my lower lip after injury. What treatment would you recommend to have it back the way before?

I was injured 10 years ago in my lower lip when i was 9 the injury was really bad i saw a doctor but there is still a lump on my lower lip im... READ MORE

Lump After Matridex Lip Injections

I had HA-based filler (with a small amount of sugar molecules) called Matridex injected to my lips, and I developed a small nodule. Also, since it is... READ MORE

What's the most effective lip filler? (Photo)

I want to get slightly filler lips with out hard lumps or obvious duck style fullness.. Right now I use suction tool READ MORE

Are Pain and Lumps Normal 3 Months After Injection to Lips?

I have had lip filler injections about 3 months ago, and they are still painful and a little lumpy, is that normal? ( I dont remember what the filler... READ MORE

Is It True That Lip Bumps Can Dissolve Naturally?

I have taken lip injections 2 times,now i am feeling several hard bumps in my lips,then i asked to my doctor to inject hyaluronidaze to dissolve them... READ MORE

Lip Injections: Cannula or Regular Needle?

Hi! I would like to know which method is better for lip enhancement, not only for volume, but also for cupid bow raising, fixing asymmetry in lip? I... READ MORE

Bumps and lumps after lip injections, should I massage them out? (Photo)

I had my lips augmented with hyaluronic 48h ago, and have bumps in my lips since. I massaged my upper lip and there is only one bump left, visible... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Lumpy Lips After Non-Synthetic Injectable?

I was injected microdroplets of vegetable oil in my lips in a cosmetic studio 9 months ago (huge mistake!).Directly after it looked horrible(huge... READ MORE

Are these lumps ABOVE my lips? what happened? (photo)

Dear doctors, I have been three times to a specialist for lip augmentation. This fourth time something bad happened. I have lumps, not on my lips but... READ MORE

Why did this happen to my lip? (photo)

I have stitches in my lip from having my filler cut out, it was burning when I spoke and the bump wasn't going away even after that dissolver... READ MORE

Best Fillers for Lip Augmentation?

My lower lip is thick, upper lip is too thin. I want to do lip augmentation only on my upper lip. I heard some firm lumps would be felt inside the lip... READ MORE

9 Months After Having Teoxane Kiss Filler into Lips Bumps I Still Have Hard Lumps?

I had teosil kiss injected un evenly into my lips 9 months ago, the general filler has gone down, but stll left with the hard lumps and bumps, i have... READ MORE

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