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3 Different Fillers in Lips in 4 Months None Lasting?

Hi, I went to a Dr. who used Restalyne, nice results for abt 2 weeks and then BOOM! gone! Went back to the Dr. he re-injected the Restalyne again,... READ MORE

Would Massage Help Lumps from Old Collagen Lip Injections?

I had collagen lip injections 23 years ago which never fully deflated. This was supposed to be collagen from sheep and would be temporary, 2 to 6... READ MORE

Is it Possible for Injectable Filler to Still be in My Lips 3 Years After Being Injected?

I had Teosyal KISS and Fortelis Extra injected in my lips and upper lips area. Although it has flattened out, another doctor had injected widase to... READ MORE

What Are the Differences Between Restylane & Juvederm/Juvederm Ulta Plus in Lip Injections?

What are the differences between Restylane & Juvederm/Juvederm Ulta Plus in lip injections? I’ve tried Restylane and had great results,... READ MORE

Upper Lip Augmentation: Kissable, Long-lasting and Change my Shape? (photo)

I think that I want an HA from reading on RealSelf and in my upper lip only. I have read varying answers to how long these will last; some said up to... READ MORE

VY lip plasty risks, benefits, how long does it last, recovery time, also will I be able to speak normally? (Photo)

I am getting a rhinoplasty next month. I am thinking about adding a vy plasty to make my lips permanently larger. I do not want injections, implants,... READ MORE

I Have Tried Nearly All Lip Fillers, All of Them Break Down Within 3 Months, Past 5 Years Non Have Stuck?

Ive had teosyl kiss which I liked the results cant remember how long that lasted. Ive had juverderm 4 I think It was, restylane, restylane perlane... READ MORE

How long is the recovery period after a v-y plasty for the upper lip?

I'very already had a lip lift, what will the recovery be like in comparison? More or less swelling? Thank you READ MORE

Lip fillers only last one month. Any suggestions?

Hello, my main problem with lip fillers is that they never last more than 1 month on me. 5 months ago i have injected 1ml of juvederm only to be gone... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a lip augmentation with a meso filler?

A meso filler is hyaluronic acid and vitamins, anti oxidants, if that is correct.. What will the result be, and what is the longevity of the plump... READ MORE

Should the muscle be cut/sutured or just the skin? (Photo)

Hello, I am planning on having an upper lip lift done within the next year or so, but I have a question that concerns me. When I have this procedure... READ MORE

What is the best technique for Lip augmentation?

What is the best technique for lip augmentation? And if I chose fat grafting, how swollen for how long will my lips be? Will people be able to tell I... READ MORE

Fuller Lips: Cost and Best Procedure?

I am 27 years old and I have very thin lips and have thought about getting my lips enhanced for awhile. what is the difference between: lip fillers,... READ MORE

I have had lumps in my lips since 2013. I went to a 'filler' party. I'm having them removed by a top surgeon in London. Advice?

I had permanent filler put in....wish I hadn't. My question to you Doctor, after the operation to remove the lumps how long would it be before I can... READ MORE

What Lip injections would you recommend? (photos)

I'm new to the "enhancement" world but I'm really interested in lip enhancement- (to begin with);))what would be best recommended to give me a more... READ MORE

How long do lip fillers last? What are the pros and cons, and how much does it cost?

Hi, I want my lips to look fuller & bigger (plumpier but not to the extent that looks fake or unnatural). How old can you be to get them? What are the... READ MORE

Lip augmentation by fat transfer and breast implants as a firefighter EMT, how soon can I go back to work? (photos)

I am a female firefighter/EMT wanting to get 400cc silicone breast implants, how long will I be out of work before I recover? Also I'm planning on... READ MORE

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