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How does Artecoll compare to other fillers for lip augmentation?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Artecoll brand? READ MORE

How can I define my lip lines and cupid bow? What do you think of my lips? (Photo)

I would like to add maybe a little volume to my lips I think they are a little thin, I don't really like the shape. What would you do to make my lips... READ MORE

Can Lip Injections Cause Lip Wrinkles?

My family doctor told me not to get them because as time goes by the skin around my lips will lose elasticity. Is this true?   READ MORE

Is Possible to Make my Inner and Outer Lip Line More Curvy?

My lips are decently plump but my inner lip line has no shape. Is there a surgery to shape them to what I think people refer as a cupid's bow? And is... READ MORE

How long does the vermillion border take to repair itself? (photos)

My lips were over filled last year which caused filler to be above my lip line. I had it dissolved and then refilled and the same thing seems to have... READ MORE

What are my options for lip augmentation? What would an estimated cost be for the work I need? (Photo)

Seeking a VERY fleshy,chunky,pouty,full result. I need the most help in the border- mine is very weak and undefined and I seek a very strong border... READ MORE

Recently Discontinued Having Lips Filled and Now Have Lip Wrinkles, Will These Smooth Out?

So I am 24, and have now decided to go back to my smaller lips, because I dont want to have to go in every 6 months for the rest of my life. Its been... READ MORE

Has my lip fillers been done wrong? (photos)

Two Months ago, I had lip fillers (1mm Teosyal Kiss) for the first time at the HMG. On the day of my appointment I was a little confused when the... READ MORE

What's the Deal with my New Lip Lines? (photo)

I have recently noticed terribly deep lines on my lips. I am 29, have never smoked, never tan, and always practice good sun protection. Overall my... READ MORE

Filler? Lip injections? (Photo)

The bottom half of my face is showing it's age. Would fillers make my lips more youthful and my lip lines less obvious? READ MORE

Recommendation on Improvement of Aesthetics of Lips and Profile. (Photos)

I am 65 years old. 6 weeks ago, I had filler injected on my lip line. My lips aren't symmetrical. My lower & upper lips are not proportional with... READ MORE

Correct lip lines with a chronic disease?

Can a women who has graves and has had 5 eye surgeries get some type of correction for upper lip lines and between eyebrow lines remedied? READ MORE

Lower lip lines that get worse as day goes on? (Photos)

When I wake up I have slight lip lines, hardly visible at all. By the end of the day , they are awful. What causes the change and what is my best option? READ MORE

What can I do about my uneven lip line? (Photo)

I noticed recently that my lipline is not even. The pointy part of my lip on my right isn't nice and straight like the other. I noticed it after... READ MORE

I had my top lip lines filled over 10 years ago by a dermatologist.

I had my top lip lines filled over 10years ago by a dermatologist . I don't know what it was, but Still there! It makes my mouth look strange and no... READ MORE

Is it possible for my lip line to be higher or almost as high as before with steroid injections? (Photos)

When I smiled in the past before my surgery, you would be able to see the tip of my upper gum line which looked very appealing but now I have a lower... READ MORE

Can I dissolve only my inner lip line after fillers?

I get lip fillers and i'm happy with the resoults but my inner lip line is lumpy and uneven can i dissolve only that area? Sorry for my english READ MORE

Lip reconstruction adding line in middle of bottom lip/indentation on upper lip? (photo)

I would want my lips to look natural and I know that the lines and indentations I desire are so much more stunning than just filling a lip up with... READ MORE

Is it normal to lose pigment in the lip border or body after dermal fillers?

I feel like I have a little sparse area in my lip border which is white or lighter.I feel that I have lost my natural pink colour in the border of my... READ MORE

Any treatment to reduce top lip line? (Photo)

I have a skin coloured line on my top lip that contrasts against my top lip colour and I want to know what it's called and what treatments are... READ MORE

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