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What Are My Options For A Lip Reduction?

I've been wanting to make my lips stop protruding out for a long time, and my dentist says that if I remove 4 teeth (ouch) and get braces, my... READ MORE

Can my lip incompetence be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

I had braces and orthodontic herbst as a child (ages 9 to 11) to treat overbite and bucked teeth. Ever since, I have had a crooked jaw (opens to the... READ MORE

I have a lower lip protrusion. Any suggestions?

My lower lip is bulky and is hanging so much so that it reveals the whole lower teeth... When I strain my facial muscles a bit the lip is in place but... READ MORE

My face always looks sad. What can I do? (photos)

My face always looks sad. I am 35 years old. Many years ago i had some fat transferred to my nasolabial folds however i do not feel that it looks any... READ MORE

Would I Have to Go About Fillers+botox to Achieve This Look? (photo)

I have two pictures of myself (one actual pic, and one edited pic). In the first picture you can see that my cupids bow is not defined and I have long... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation/Botox Help Close My Mouth Without Straining?

I have a receding lower jaw that causes problems with my esthetic appearance and health. I have to stain my lips to close my mouth and as a result, I... READ MORE

Would I benefit from an upper lip lift after double-jaw surgery/palate/expansion/genioplasty? Too soon to tell? 3mo post (Photo)

I had corrective jaw surgery to help with TMJ pain and correct a slight underbite. I was happy with my appearance before and and not really... READ MORE

Either my jaw, teeth, or lip is crooked. How can I fix it? (Photo)

My jaw or something is crooked. I hate it so much because I love to smile but I feel so self conscious and I feel like it looks weird when I talk. How... READ MORE

What can I do about my wonky smile/jaw? (Photo)

My smile is really strange, it's like it's tighter on my left side and turns downwards. My brothers have this too and I had since being a child but it... READ MORE

How to fix my slanted mouth / lips? (photos)

I have a slanted mouth. Is my jaw itself slanted or is it just my mouth? It appears as if one side of my face has longer skin than the other. What is... READ MORE

What surgery would fix my face asymmetry? (Photo)

Hi, Ive been feeling real self conscious because lately I've noticed my face is starting to look strange. I especially notice in pictures not so much... READ MORE

Could Lip Augmentation reduce my lip tension?

Years ago, I underwent a double-jaw surgery that advanced my jaw forward quite a bit, because it was very receded. Naturally, I didn't have quite... READ MORE

What's the best suggestion for my problem? (Photo)

My sideview looks horrible I dont understand the structure of my jaw why is it like that i always hide my face with my hair im only young i dont need... READ MORE

How can I fix my uneven lips? (photos)

My jaw was slated when I was younger but after a year and a half using braces, my teeth and jaw are at a normal position but my lip aren't. Do I need... READ MORE

What can be done for uneven lips? (Photos)

The corners of my lips are uneven when I smile and when I just close my mouth. I want to know does this need to be fixed with lip injections or... READ MORE

What can i do to fix my crooked lips/smile/lip corners. (photos)

I was always self conscious about my smile so i decided to get braces to fix my teeth but then after my teeth were straight i am still self conscious... READ MORE

Recommendation on Improvement of Aesthetics of Lips and Profile. (Photos)

I am 65 years old. 6 weeks ago, I had filler injected on my lip line. My lips aren't symmetrical. My lower & upper lips are not proportional with... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to make my lips wider looking and jaw less doughy? (photo)

I am unhappy with my awkward smile. When my mouth is closed, my lips look scrunched together. When my mouth is open or I am smiling, it's like my lips... READ MORE

What kind of treatment could be done on my overly projected bottom lip and jaw area?

Hello, I've been looking at profile shots of myself and I feel as though my bottom lip and jaw area may be too projected. What could be done to... READ MORE

Can my uneven position lips/teeth and asymmetry be fixed? (photos)

Hello, I have a strong asymmetry when I smile and even more when I talked, I didn't realise it for a long time as you rarely stare at yourself while... READ MORE

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