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Silicone Lip Augmentation Injections Vs Implants.

Can silicone injections using the gradual microdroplet technique eventually fill a lip as well as the implants that are out there? I ask this due to... READ MORE

How Long Will a Lip Implant Last?

What are the positive effects and negative effects of augmenting my lips with implants? READ MORE

Will Cortisone Injections Dissolve Lip Bumps or Any Implant in Lips?

Will Cortisone Injections Dissolve Lip Bumps or Any Implant in Lips? READ MORE

Recommend a Type of Augmentation for Thin Lips?

Will having a lip augmentation improve the overall appearance of the face for someone with really thin lips and wants a fuller more even look. What... READ MORE

What Kind of Filler/Implant Should I Get to Enhance the Shape of my Lips?

I have thin lips and I don't like the shape. Will Restylane solve the problem or do I need to get an implant? Do lip implants and fillers have the... READ MORE

I Got a Lip Implant and I Still Want my Lips to Be Bigger, What else Can I Do?

I got the largest permalip implant and I still want my top lip bigger with more volume at the cupids bow. Can another implant be placed on top of the... READ MORE

Enlarge Bottom and Top Lip W/ Implant, and Get a Cupid's Bow W/ Strong Vermillion Border, Cost? (photo)

I should mention I had fat grafting done to my cheeks (sucked from tummy, and put into cheeks) from that fat my surgeon offered to put some fat in my... READ MORE

Would a Lip Augmentation Procedure Help with Depression Problems?

How often does a little cosmetic surgery, like lip filler, help out with patient's overall body image or even depression? READ MORE

Would V-Y lip augmentation/ lip lift affect nose job?

I wanted to get both procedures done but, with separate doctors: which should I get done first? Also, could I conservatively get the v-y and then get... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation and Depression?

Can lip augmentation help with negative body image and depression? Should someone with a negative body image be treated for depression before having... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Lip augmentation and non surgical chin implant? (photos)

Excuse my picture. I forgot to take my makeup off last night and I just woke up. I've always hated my small lips and knew that I would get lip... READ MORE

Best options for my lips? (photos)

I hate my lips. My bottom one is huge and my top one is non existent. They are also very unsymmetrical. I have a long space from my nose to my top lip... READ MORE

What is the best option of lip augmentation to improve my cupid's bow?

I'm not overly fussed about the fullness of my lips, although a BIT bigger would be nice, rather am more concerned about the shape. I believe having a... READ MORE

I have lip asymmetry - more like an indent (top right lip) (Photo)

I am unclear about my options. Financing is no longer a concern and I am very ready to get this fixed. Please note, in this image my lips & face are... READ MORE

Lip fillers or implants? Keeping the shape/infection risks w/implants?

I have tiny lips but they are perfectly shaped like rosebuds w/ a defined cupid's bow & curled philtrum. I want them MUCH bigger. I wanted to know... READ MORE

Which procedure should I undergo to get fuller lips? (Photo)

I have very thin lips and would love to get them to the Natalie Portman level of fullness however I don't know which procedure would be more suitable... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Should I consider lip injections or temporary lip fillers? (photos)

Always been insecure about my lips and now that it's a trend it brings that much more attention to them esp when I wear makeup, there is nothing to... READ MORE

Why would a doctor choose to make stitches in the center of the top lip and bottom lip for Permalip implants?

Why would a doctor choose to make stitches also in the center of the top lip and bottom lip for Permalip implants in addition to the stitches in the... READ MORE

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