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What Lip Injections last the longest? How long does it take to heal? (photos)

I've been looking all over for the answer to some questions I have about getting lip injections and I can't seem to find a clear, simple answer. Maybe... READ MORE

Lip fillers before or after a lip piercing? (Photo)

I am interested in getting lip fillers one day. I'm also interested in getting a vertical labret (pictured) soon. This piercing goes through the... READ MORE

Fat Injection to Lips- How to Reduce Swelling?

I had rhinoplasty and fat injections to my lips done almost 4 weeks ago. I was very bruised and swollen because I bled a lot. My nose looks beautiful... READ MORE

My lips split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. What treatment do you recommend? (photos)

I got into a fight exactly a week ago and my lip split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. more than the other... READ MORE

When is it recommended to stop allergy medication 2 Weeks before Lip Augmentation surgery?

Is it best to avoid certain medications for faster healing of the lips or is it primarily because of complications with surgery? Which vitamins or... READ MORE

Top lip done yesterday, injected with a full syringe. Why is it swollen and badly bruised?

I also have a small lump which I have been massaging however will all this calm down? I only wanted a half a syringe but was advised that 1syringe... READ MORE

I have had my permalip implants for 6 years and now I would like to remove them. What are the complications?

I have had my permalip implants for 6 years and now I would like to remove them. What are the complications? Will it heal fast? Can my lips become... READ MORE

Fell on concrete sidewalk Jan 2012. How can I get rid of pouch of scar tissue on upper lip? Options besides surgery? (photo)

After some healing of busted lip, p.surgeon gave me steroid injections: -didn't inject much bc he feared it could get smaller -encouraged waiting a... READ MORE

Soft scar tissue on lip. Is it possible to do surgery? (photos)

About 10 years ago, I had an accident: my teeth were broken and upper lip got rubbed (there was no need to put stiches). After healing process, quite... READ MORE

Can Arnica Montana oil be used on the lips?

Had lip injections 2 days ago, trying to speed up the healing process. I've purchased the 30c pills and also the oil with olive oil base. Wondering if... READ MORE

I would like to know after 2 weeks if my lips could still change and soften? (photos)

I got my lips done 2 weeks ago and usually by 2 weeks they say the lips have healed however my bottom lip looks too big and thick and out of balance... READ MORE

What can be done about my lips? (photos)

What can be done about my asymmetrical lips?, And just how much would it cost to make them similar to the second photo? The sides of my lips drop... READ MORE

Lip scarring predictions. Is plastic surgery required for old lip shape to reform? (photos)

During a fight I got hit pretty hard in the lip, resulting it to split. At the ER the doctor put 4 stitches on the lower lip. These photos show the... READ MORE

I have had lumps in my lips since 2013. I went to a 'filler' party. I'm having them removed by a top surgeon in London. Advice?

I had permanent filler put in....wish I hadn't. My question to you Doctor, after the operation to remove the lumps how long would it be before I can... READ MORE

Does lip repositioning lower upper lip so that it covers teeth due to vertical maxillary excess? (Photo)

So i have "long face syndrome" or vertical maxillary excess. I want to know if lip repositioning will have the same outcome as upper jaw surgery or... READ MORE

Do lip fillers dissolve faster after Rhinoplasty?

I've been considering lip fillers but heard it's better to have them after rhinoplasty as if done before, the rhinoplasty healing process will... READ MORE

Lip lesion. Scar tissue ? Can someone help? (photos)

I used to peel my bottom lip in the same spot for quite some time. It would heal and id peel again READ MORE

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