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Is Subnasal Lip Surgery Possible if One Has a Gummy Smile and a Pug Nose?

Hi. Ever since I was a teenager I've wanted a narrower space between my nose and upper lip (only a space reduction, no fillers to the lips). Is it... READ MORE

Is lip augmentation right for me? Will it make my nose look smaller or more narrow? Will it hide my gummy smile? (photos)

I'm 25 spanish female. To start, I have a rather thin upper lip. My upper lip is far from the tip of my nose. I like my regular smile but I have an... READ MORE

Surgery to make non-asian eyes bigger and lip enhancement? (photo)

I'm 41 y/o and would like to remove my uneven gummy smile and enhance my lips. I have veneers on my 6 front top teeth. I'd like to enhance my lips as... READ MORE

What is the best lip augmentation for me? (photos)

I want to decrease the micro-lines above my upper lip and give it a fuller look, when I smile my upper lip disappears and I have a gummy smile, what... READ MORE

Can lip fillers help with my gummy smile? What are my options to resolve this? (Photos)

I have a very thin upper lip & I have been contemplating getting injections for more than a year now. Could having a more substantial upper lip... READ MORE

What should I do to correct my gummy smile? (Photo)

I've been told that gum contouring and veneers wouldn't work due to my hyper active top lip and overdeveloped maxillary jaw. I'm really unhappy with... READ MORE

Can lip injections cover my gummy smile? (photo)

I have a gummy smile it's not too bad, but still enough to where I don't like to smile or laugh much because I don't want people to notice. I have... READ MORE

Lip repositioning/lowering procedure in the UK?

Hello, I was wondering if there are any doctors known to perform a lip lowering procedure in the UK, especially London, in order to fix a gummy smile. READ MORE

I make a gummy smile just when I laught spontaneously. Can I make lip muscles get used to normal smile?

I would like to know if those lips muscle will get used if I will control my smile consciously, because I make a gummy smile just when I laught... READ MORE

I still have an open bite after double jaw surgery, could lip fillers cure it or do I need more surgery in my jaw? (photo)

I had double jaw surgery for an overbite, gummy smile, and receded chin. They did a genioplasty, septoplasty, and moved my upper jaw up and forward... READ MORE

If I have hyaluronic acid in my lips will reduce my gummy smile?

Hy i have a big gummy smile, my theets are big enough so they ate not small but the problem is when i smile my upper lip is going to up so i m afraid... READ MORE

Need to find a doctor in DFW or Austin to perform lip lengthening. Is there a chance of relapse?

My upper lip is much shorter than average, and it creates a gummy smile for me. I am currently in braces and told my orthodontist that I am... READ MORE

Have Triangular Lips That Never Close/crooked Smile and Gums ?

My upper lip is very triangle-shape and I always keep my mouth shut so it isn't easily noticeable that my lips never touch. When I smile I've... READ MORE

Who is the best surgeon / dentist / periodontist in Australia for lip repositioning / lip lowering for a gummy smile?

I had a consultation with a periodontist here recently but he mentioned he has had patients relapse about a year after surgery. I also currently have... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that could basically push down the upper lip to cover teeth from showing at rest?

Not necessarily a gummy smile. My top lip is a bit too high so whenever my face is at rest my teeth show and it stresses my chin and creates small... READ MORE

Can the repositioned lip be reverted to its formal position ?

I got my lips repositioned for the gummy smile and I am still at a recovery stage , only 12 days has passed. I've noticed that my smile has improved... READ MORE

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