Fuller + Lip Augmentation

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Best Treatment to Make my Top Lip Look Fuller?

I have a very small mouth and virtualy no top lip, I have been advised that a combination of filler and botox, filler for age lines and a little... READ MORE

Lip augmentation - which fillers are best? (Photo)

Which fillers are best recommended for fuller lips for me.. Dont want too much just looking for something natural My lips seem to small .. READ MORE

What Type of Lip Enhancing Procedure is Best for Me? (photo)

I'm not satisfied with the way my upper lip appears. The cupids bow area needs to be heightened, & the left/right sides of my lips are very thin.... READ MORE

Does Injecting Juvederm in Just 4 Sites in Lips Create Fuller Lips?

I received one syringe of Juvederm Ultra PLus XC in my lips today. The DR. only injected 4 or 5 places and all my other Drs. have injected several... READ MORE

Can my Lips Be Made More Proportional and Full? (photo)

My lips are just very strange overall. They are incredibly disproportionate to my face, and each lip is disproportionate to the other. My top lip is... READ MORE

Would lip injections make my small mouth look bigger and fuller? (Photo)

I would like my lips and mouth to appear bigger and fuller. Would injections achieve this look? READ MORE

Permanent Lip Fullness

What could i go for to have my lip permanently fuller? lip implants ? if so ,which are the best lip implants ? READ MORE

I Would Like to Have a Bigger Mouth, Which Surgery Would Give Me That? (photo)

I dont know if its only the lips that could get bigger, and thus its a bigger mouth. Or the actual size of the mouth can get bigger. Nevertheless, I... READ MORE

How do I get my lips fuller like Kylie Jenner permanently? (photos)

How do I get my lips fuller like kylie jenner permanently? My bottom lip is bigger than my upper...i want my upper to be the same size permanently.. READ MORE

Can you tell which kind of lip augmentation this girl has had from these photos?

The girl on the pictures below has clearly had lip argumentation to achieve fuller lips. I really like her results because if I actually did not know... READ MORE

I'm wanting lip injections. How many syringes would I need to achieve a Kylie Jenner look? (Photo)

Curious because I really want bigger fuller lips!!! I have consultation next week, but want other opinions. I definitely dont want a subtle change I... READ MORE

Is It True That The Bigger Your Lips Are to Begin With, the More Natural Lip Augmentation Looks

I am considering lip augmentation with some sort of filler and I've always thought that the bigger your real lips are to begin with, the more... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my mouth wider and lips fuller? (Photo)

I really dislike the appearence of my lips/mouth. As you can see on the photo my lips kinda look sunk in but I'd like it to me more fuller and match... READ MORE

Could my expectations of fuller lips really be achieved without looking like a duck? (photos)

Hello. I have been wanting to get my lips enchanted for many years now. I think I'm now ready to do it. I want to know what I can really expect from... READ MORE

What procedures should I get done to make my lips pink/ not poke out and fuller? (photo)

I want pinker fuller lips. My top lip is brown and pokes out because of my overbite.  How much would that cost? I've included pictures. READ MORE

One or two syringes? (photos)

I'm wondering how many Syringes I should purchase when I go to get my lips filled. I would like achieve a pouty full look without looking like a duck. READ MORE

Options for lip augmentation for larger full look? (photo)

I know I asked about lip augmentation a while back but I don't think I was that clear with it or had that much detail. I currently of mid size lip and... READ MORE

How can I permanently acheive bigger, fuller lips that look natural? (Photo)

Regarding the photos I attached, what lip enhancement procedure could this be? Is there a way to acheive these results permanently, rather than... READ MORE

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