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What's the Best Lip Enhancement and Plumping?

What options do I have for lip augmentation? READ MORE

Lip Augmentation That Passes the Kiss Test?

While long-lasting would be nice-- as would be low cost-- the most important factor for me is natural looking and feeling lips. My friend calls this... READ MORE

How to Get Full Lips Like Megan Fox?

If you are starting out with a very thin top lip could you still get results like Megan Fox or do you already need a slightly full lip? I want fuller... READ MORE

How Can I Get Fuller Lips?

Lip plumpers sold at the beuaty counters are not making my lips poutier.  What is recommended? Injections? Implants? READ MORE

Permanent Lip Augmentation Complications

What is the most permanent lip augmentation method available that has had the least complications? Which method/s may cause complications? READ MORE

Which is Best for Lip Definition, Juvederm or Restylane?

I would like to have more definition on my lips; I don't want them to look fuller. Which procedure is best for this, Juvederm or Restylane? READ MORE

Same Size for Both Lips During Augmentation?

Do doctors typically make the lips the same size or the upper lip smaller during lip augmentation? READ MORE

Cheapest Method for Lip Augmentation?

I can't afford cosmetic surgery or dermal fillers to change the shape of my lips! My upper lip is shaped like an M. I don't like to smile because my... READ MORE

Too Much Juvederm on Upper Lips?

I had 1 1/2cc Juvederm in my upper lip only 2 days ago. It was my first time and I have been very swollen and bruised and 2 days later I still look... READ MORE

Can Lip Filler Cause Signs of Cancer to Surface?

I am thinking of making my lips fuller but I am worried that it could cause lip cancer. I grew up surfing and in the sun. Could getting my lips done... READ MORE

Can you make your lips wider? (photos)

My lips are quite full but I feel they aren't wide so it makes my lips look weird. Could I get a surgery that makes them bigger and wider. READ MORE

What are my options for lip augmentation? What would an estimated cost be for the work I need? (Photo)

Seeking a VERY fleshy,chunky,pouty,full result. I need the most help in the border- mine is very weak and undefined and I seek a very strong border... READ MORE

Hello my name is Misty and I am interested in getting lip injections/botox. How much would it cost, approximately? (Photo)

I really have my heart set on getting those voluminous beautiful full lips! I have nice lips right now but I really am in desire of that full look! I... READ MORE

What procedure would be best to give me natural looking, full lips? (photos)

Upper Lip lift? Corner Lip lift? Fillers? Fat Transfer?  I'm 23 years old, and these are my issues with my lip: - Long upper lip- distance... READ MORE

How do I get more defined lips? (Photo)

I think my lips are full enough when not smiling. But they aren't very defined like, it's hard for me to see the outline of my lips cause they aren't... READ MORE

Having full lips and wanting injections. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm interested in lip injections to achieve plump lips like Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Kylie Jenner. I already have some what full lips. Overall an... READ MORE

Will lip augmentation lengthen my lips ??? (photos)

Ive noticed that most lip implants or fillers make the patients lips fuller but thats not my problem. My lips are full, but I want them to be longer... READ MORE

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