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Options for Defining a 'Flat' Upper Lip

I have a problem with my lips. The bottom one is fine but the top lip is pretty flat and has no shape to it. It does not have the youthful/sexy indent... READ MORE

One Year After a Mid-face Lift, Upper Lip Too Tight So Strange Smile. Can It Be Fixed?

Mid-face lift, fat moved up, left cheeks rounder than when young. Face is too round for me. More bothersome is my upper lip was made much too tight so... READ MORE

Are my lips too small for lip augmentation? (photos)

Sounds silly but i'm afraid if I were to get any injections they would look REALLY fake. I can't stand when I see girls get their lips done and they... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Filler Would Give Me my Desired Lips? (photo)

Also what filler would your recommend? I'm concerned with how flat my lips look and would like a more pouty look. READ MORE

My lips are flat and misshapen. Any suggestions? (photos)

My expression is angry and pissed. My upper teeth are hidden and my lower teeth show. Everything about my lips is ugly. READ MORE

Can I get a correction of flat lip and a dip/dent below my nostril after a cleft lip revision? (photos)

After a cleft lip revision five years ago I have been left with a flat lip and a dent below my nostril. See photos. I have seen a facial plastic... READ MORE

Bump and un-smooth philtrum. Is it okay?

My philtrum is not flat and smooth. Its bumpy and chubby. It looks worse. I cannot afford a plastic surgery of any kind so I put a plastic band on my... READ MORE

Would lip injections be suitable to make upper project further out in profile view? (Photos)

When facing head on my lips appear relatively full but from the side my top lip is very flat and small looking. Is it possible to make my lips more... READ MORE

Will lip filler benefit me ??? (photos)

I have thin flat lips and they always look dry and wrinkly no matter what i use. will lip fillers benefit me.I heard that not all people with thin... READ MORE

Small flat lips? What do I do? (Photos)

My lips aren't the smallest but the sides are very "empty" to put it bluntly. Help? READ MORE

What procedures to change my flat lip look? (Photo)

I don't like the shape of my lips and was wondering what procedures can be done to change the shape of them? I also don't like that the corners of my... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to fix the vertical lip?

I have a recessed maxilla. Unfortunately I don't feel too keen on getting upper jaw surgery for only a 3 - 4mm advancement. However, the vertical/flat... READ MORE

Lip injection. Why could they only give me one syringe at a time? (Photo)

My lip has a flat bottom lip I am looking for a fuller lips because from the side You see me my lips are to in if that makes sense I want volume. I... READ MORE

What's the best option for permanent lip augmentation?

My lips are flat. I want them to roll upwards and outwards. I've heard many bad stories: Goretex implants: gets hard in time Fat injections: <20%... READ MORE

Flat lips, undefined. What are my options? (Photo)

Want to augment or reshape my lips. I have practically no vermillion boarder :( and turning 40, with weight loss has really given my mouth area and... READ MORE

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