Fat Graft + Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer and Systemic Scleroderma?

Hi! I've been diagnosed with systemic scleroderma and my lips are very thin. I never had particlarly full lips anyway and now they have nearly... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer Related to Bells Palsey Deformation and Speech Problems? (photo)

I had lip augmentation on Friday. Today is Tuesday and my lower right side of my lip is more swollen, bruised and sorer than the rest of my lower or... READ MORE

Is Restylane a Good Alternative to Lip Augmentation?

I have a thin upper lip, the bottom lip doesn't irk me as much(it's more even and plump) Although I've considered fat grafting to plump the upper... READ MORE

What type of lip augmentation is right for me? Located in Toronto. Prefer to stay local but willing to travel. (Photo)

I desire the large pouty exaggerated doll lips. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic as I have very thin lips to begin with. I am 27. I have tried 1cc... READ MORE

Filler First and THEN Fat Graft?

When I called a doctor's office today and asked the assistant if the Doc does lip augmentations with autologous fat transfer, I was told she first... READ MORE

What is the difference and what would you recommend for my lips, PermaLip, Fat transfer to lip or injections (juvederm) (photos)

I have always wanted a bigger lip on top, my bottom one has always been a pretty good size. I want just a full plump lip...I'm just really iffy about... READ MORE

What is the best technique for Lip augmentation?

What is the best technique for lip augmentation? And if I chose fat grafting, how swollen for how long will my lips be? Will people be able to tell I... READ MORE

Is there a new, permanent, natural looking & safe way to add volume to lips?

I had fat grafting to my lips during stomach lipo 6 weeks ago and my lips are almost back to my original normal size. I read on this site about... READ MORE

I have lip asymmetry - more like an indent (top right lip) (Photo)

I am unclear about my options. Financing is no longer a concern and I am very ready to get this fixed. Please note, in this image my lips & face are... READ MORE

What's the best procedure for permanent or long-lasting lip augmentation?

I'm 26 and have been getting Juvederm XC injections into my lips since the age of 22. The problem is that my body absorbs a full syringe within 2-2.5... READ MORE

Fat graft for lip augmentation? (photo)

Is this procedure temporary or are the results more permanent? I have always wanted full lips. Would you suggest a fat graft or a temporary filler? READ MORE

Does fats resorb after a lip augmentation by fat transfer?

Ive had a lip augmentation by fat transfer 2 weeks ago, but still my lips swollen and it seems to me ive been injected more fats than necessary. Is 2... READ MORE

What are the potential cons of fat transfer for lip augmentation? Does the fat tend to become lumpy or will it remain smooth?

I am a 25 y/o female who has gotten fillers in my lips twice (Juvederm & Restylane Silk). I want to use the fat transfer augmentation method as... READ MORE

What is the most effective long-term solution for lip augmentation? (photos)

I was attacked by a Rottweiler two months ago, as a result of the attack the dog bit a chunk of my lower lip off and sliced through my upper lip. My... READ MORE

If we could get lips like the last picture from the first picture by getting fat grafting towards the lips? (photo)

My lips are about the size as the first picture towards the right but, wanting to get them as big as the last picture towards the left using the fat... READ MORE

Is lipofilling or fat transfer with permalip implants possible?

I had permalip implants placed over a year ago, however, would like additional volume. Is it possible to have further augmentation using fat to... READ MORE

Second fat transfer lips 4 weeks post. All the fat is still there is that a good sign?

After my first fat transfer all of it was gone after 2 weeks. Now the second time after 4 weeks most of the swelling is gone and all the fat is still... READ MORE

How could I get this result? (photos)

I am wondering if this seems like a realistic expectation? I understand there is fillers and fat grafting. Which do you think is better to straighten... READ MORE

I had horrible lip injections that have left my lips deflated and stretched out. Can someone please tell me how to fix it?

I am considering both fat grafts and implants since the injections have left my now stretched out lips looking deflated. Which surgeons, being the... READ MORE

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