Fat + Lip Augmentation

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Best Permanent Lip Augmentation

Is Lip augmentation via Fat grafting permanent? I'm thinking of having Lip augmentation done with Fat grafting. How much does it run? Is it permanent? READ MORE

Procedure to Fix Protruding Lips?

My mouth protrudes as a result of my lips. I have seen a cosmetic dentist but he informed me that my teeth are not the cause. The problematic area is... READ MORE

How can I get rid/remove of the fat under my lower lip? (photos)

I have never met a person with lips like mine. The fat/bump under my lower lip seems to be attached with my lip. I am very self conscious about it, is... READ MORE

Are my lips big / juicy enough for my face? And - lower face cheek fat - how do I lose it? (photos)

Do you think my lips are big enough for my face? As in complimentary enough? Also how do I lose the face fat on lower bottom of face ? Given i could... READ MORE

I have black and fat lips caused by smoking. What's the best home made remedy?

D.r I have some black lips that not suite able too my skin colour ... Soo plzz tell me some exercises for fat lips and some homemadies tips for remove... READ MORE

What is the best way to get natural, long lasting pretty lips without complications? Having fat pulled through lips ? (Photo)

Getting Lips done.had tummy tuck 08, have Dog ears on sides, Gonna fixed. use Fat For Lips, Said Fat rolled & pulled threw my lips . Want natural look... READ MORE

I want bigger lips. Any suggestions? (photos)

Ok so my lips are like the picture with the thin lips But i want them to becom as full as the second pic (talking about fullness not shape...i know... READ MORE

What is the success % on lip augmentation using fat transfer?

I talked to my surgeon today and discussed having lip augmentation done. I have a lot of allergies and recently am having side effects from my botox.... READ MORE

Lip augmentation help?!

Hello i want an permanent lip augmentation, I have the choice between two possibilities. 1 Permalip 5mm in both lips. 2 fat transfer to my lips. But i... READ MORE

When can I talk after a fat implant on the lip?

Planning to get f Nasal bill and lower lip implant. When can I talk as usual. I'm a family practitioner. READ MORE

Why did my fat transfer for lip augmentation not stay? (photos)

I've had it done twice. Why is it not staying like I want? READ MORE

Looking for a permanent lip augmentation. Any suggestions? (photo)

Looking for a good good doctor who does silicon lip injection or fat transfer in miami or dominican republic Anybody? Any suggestion Please help READ MORE

What on earth is causing these fat chunks under lips? (photos)

I was told that it is muscle to help my mouth close. Any other possibilities? And can I get rid of them through surgery? READ MORE

Can lip augmention done through fat be reversed?

I got my lip augmentation done a day before through fat transfer i have some bruises on the inside says it wll take almost 20 days for it to settle... READ MORE

Lip augmentation via fat transfer, is it permanent? how does the procedure work?

I tried lip fillers before & would like something permanent. I had tumescent lipo done before on my inner thighs. 1- Is lip augmentation via fat... READ MORE

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