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Long Lower Part of Face- Lips Hang Lower Than Desired, What Can Be Done?

I have a long face. The distance between my nose and eyes seem to be in harmony, but my mouth sits low on my face. My upper lip hangs over my front... READ MORE

What has kylie Jenner had done to her face? (Photos)

All know she's had lip filler but wondering what else she may have had done? READ MORE

Lip augmentation and nasolabial fillers. Would lip augmentation be a mistake in my case. (photos)

I have a very small mouth opening and a tiny face. I am afraid it may look weird. Also, I would like to start using nasolabial fillers. READ MORE

Any recommendations for my face in general? Questions about Procedures. (photos)

Which surgeries I can benefit from? For a long time, I've been insecure about my profile and features. I've always felt that my jawline and chin... READ MORE

Should I wait to get lip filler until I lose all the weight I want? (photo)

I need to lose another 25 pounds but my face is sagging and my lips have virtually disappeared (likely from age). My lower lip looks a tiny bit fuller... READ MORE

Lip augmentation and ..? (photos)

Dear Doctors What would you recommend to get my top lip to be plumper and improve the shape? I'd also like to get my face lifted. What areas would you... READ MORE

I have a very asymmetrical face/lips. What can I do to fix this? (Photo)

The left side of my face droops more than the right and causes my left eye and especially the left side of my lip to slant. It has always been a huge... READ MORE

I'm interested in achieving more balance in the way my lips interact with the rest of my face. Any suggestions? (photos)

I do not have a lot of lip tissue in the upper portion of my lips. Would a bullhorn lift paired with injectables give me a more natural look? I have... READ MORE

Could the symmetry of my face be improved to make me more photogenic? (photo)

I have various asymmetrical features to my face, esp my mouth. I have good self esteem, although I see the issue in any photos, videos. I am... READ MORE

What can I do about the asymmetry of my face? (Photo)

What can be done? Especially about my lips. They look lopsided. There is also a slight difference in my eyes. I've looked through baby pictures and my... READ MORE

What can I do about my crooked face! Is there a procedure to correct? Multiple procedures? (photo)

I've always hated my face as it's super crooked. My question is, what on earth can be done to fix this? What types of things would be suggested to get... READ MORE

I would like to know if the pocket under my lips are fat or muscle? (photos)

I have had a really fat face in the past, because I was a chubby kid, and I want to know how to get rid of this. READ MORE

Lip line overnight. Any suggestions?

I scrutinize my face on a daily basis. There is one line at the corner of my lip that you could basically not see. It barely made an indentation at... READ MORE

Lip reconstruction. I fell off roof broke jaw in many areas when I was 14 yrs old. I am 27 now, face repair too? (photo)

Left side of my bottom lip caves in I want my bottom lip to be even & full. Is there a permanent fix for this ? I dont want to get something that has... READ MORE

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