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Getting Lip Injections Without "Duck Look"?

My top lip bearly shows.Im very self consious about it.Ive provided a picture of my lips.How would I archieve getting full lips with out the... READ MORE

Lips Uneven and Too Big After Restylane Lips

What can be done for lips that don't look good after Restylane? READ MORE

Have my lip fillers gone wrong? Heavy bruising and duck face (Photo)

I had my upper lip Injected yesterday and have woken up today with bad bruising inside my lip and I look like a duck!! I don't know what's best to do... READ MORE

Do I Have Duck Lips?

I had Juvederm ultra plus put in my lips two weeks ago and now i'm paranoid that people are laughing at my lips. I have always had an upper lip... READ MORE

Swollen Lips After Surgiderm -(photo)

Hello,yesterday i had one injection of surgiderm 24xp,i tell the doctor that i was expecting for a natural look,with a little bit of acid hyaluronic... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of the Duck Bill Look After Hyaluronic Acid Lip Augmentation?

Two and a half years ago I had lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. A month after the procedure my lip was huge and unpleasant and I asked my doctor... READ MORE

Had lip filler 3 days ago. I have hard lumps and an uneven duck mouth. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had lip filler to my top lip to contour and fill on 8th October it's now 11th is this normal result I have 3 hard lumps under my top lip and feel... READ MORE

What's the most effective lip filler? (Photo)

I want to get slightly filler lips with out hard lumps or obvious duck style fullness.. Right now I use suction tool READ MORE

Is There an Injectible Technique Doctor Should Use to Avoid Duck Lips?

I use resylane and juvederm to fix a small upper lip.I have a full bottom lip so the doc works on a cupids bow the corners of my upper lip and left... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lip Reduction? (photo)

I am a 24 year old Asian male and have been conscious about the appearance of my side profile for just about my entire life. The problem area seems to... READ MORE

Uneven Lips, How Can I Achieve Plump Without Duck Lips? (photo)

I have uneven lips (especially the top lip which appears kind of droopy) which I would like to even out/make more aesthetically pleasing using fillers... READ MORE

Good Lip Augmentation?

I'd like bigger lips, they're medium sized as of now. How do I go about getting good lip augmentation? An example of good lip augmentation would be... READ MORE

Could my expectations of fuller lips really be achieved without looking like a duck? (photos)

Hello. I have been wanting to get my lips enchanted for many years now. I think I'm now ready to do it. I want to know what I can really expect from... READ MORE

Gaining Height in the Lips Instead of Pushing Forward? (photo)

Dear doctors, I have let my lips done by a specialist. But I have looked a little like a duck from the side. Is it possible that you can gain height... READ MORE

Am I at high risk of developing trout pout or duck lips with lip fillers? (Photo)

My lips aren't thin, but I'd like fuller and poutier lips like Adriana Lima's. Does my lip shape/lip size/jaw structure etc, put me at high risk of... READ MORE

How to even out my lips from a bad filler job?? (photos)

I had one bad lip filler experience from a Dr. who came highly recommended for my 31st birthday. Since that time I have had two separate visits with... READ MORE

One or two syringes? (photos)

I'm wondering how many Syringes I should purchase when I go to get my lips filled. I would like achieve a pouty full look without looking like a duck. READ MORE

What is the reason behind getting the "duck-lip" look when getting lip augmentations? Can this be avoided? (photos)

I have noticed that women who get lip augmentations often have a very un-natural look where the upper lip sticks out in a odd pouty manner. The... READ MORE

Most natural looking filler for fuller, softer lips?

I'm 48 and my lips are losing volume with age. I'd like something that is going to last for at least 6 months but there are so many fillers and I'm... READ MORE

I have added filler to my lips when filling other areas, always seems to end up duckish. Do lip lifts leave a bad scar? (Photo)

Have always wondered why ppl can do lip filler, but when i do it turns Daisy on me. this time we added the botox to turn it up to see if that helps.... READ MORE

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