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Lip Drooping - How Can I Fix Assymetry on my Lips

My right corner of the lip is drooping and I would like to fix this. What would be the best and most natural way to go about doing this? I DO NOT want... READ MORE

Can my lip incompetence be treated?

I love my smile! I had an activator for 2 years for my overbite and braces for 2 years. My teeth are perfectly straight! Only problem is that I have... READ MORE

How can I change the shape of my upper lip? (Photo)

As shown in the pictures, the middle part of my upper lip very droopy and has a lot of volume, whereas the sides of my lip have no volume. How can I... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Lips Symmetrical?

When I smile, my lower right lip would droop a bit, giving me a crooked looking smile. How does a dentist fix this kind of problem. Does puberty do... READ MORE

What would you recommend to make my lips symmetrical and show more teeth when I smile? (photos)

What can I do to fix my lips I had a lip lift and silicone injections years ago. I have used kenolog to reduce them but Now I feel that my mouth is... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix my lips? (photos)

The right side of my bottom lip looks droopy. My mother's lips do the same. As I have gotten older, it has become more pronounced. The left side of my... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my uneven upper lip? (photos)

My upper lip is not on a straight line. The middle is really big whilst other is thin. It bulges out from the middle and forms a zig zag line.This... READ MORE

Weird indentation in upper lip/lips when I smile. How can I fix this?

As you can see, my lips are very unattractive. I have a small narrow upper lip which droops down and has a clear outline around it. When I smile, my... READ MORE

Can lip injections help to correct lip asymmetry? (Photos)

The left side of the upper lip seem to be droopy compare to the right side , aswell the bottom lip has some asymmetry aswell , which product would be... READ MORE

What are my options to fix asymmetry of mouth? (photos)

Looks like one side of my mouth is semi-paralyzed, and droops (doesn't move much) when I talk, although the lips look straighter and more symmetrical... READ MORE

How can I correct my lips? (photos)

I have huge hanging lips which makes my face look really bad...and it remains okay when I pull it in but when i relax it droops and can i... READ MORE

Lifting Up Long Face. Any Methods to Help Me? (photo)

Hi! I have a a very long and droopy face. I recently discovered that when I clench my teeth together and push my lips up slightly my face looks... READ MORE

Lip incompetence and downward/droppy mouth corners (Photo)

I am 22 years old and looking to fix these two things. I don't believe the lip incompetence is caused by a jaw issue for me because I wore headgear... READ MORE

What can be done about my ugly lips? (photos)

My lips stick out too much from my face. My right cheek is also much more droopier than my left. It's quite noticeable. I'm highly insecure about this... READ MORE

I have droopy lip because of an old basketball injury. What can I do about it? (photos)

I have an old basketball injury to my lip that causes my smile line to become uneven. What can I have done? Is it scar tissue? READ MORE

Why is my lip drooping? Filler, lipo. Should I get hyaluronidase? Why is my supposed Restylane (emervel) rock hard? (Photo)

My top lip now sticks out over my bottom lip. My lips along the border are rock hard. i have also developed spot like lump at the side of my mouth.... READ MORE

Ii have a pouty downward mouth, and bells palsy has made one side permanently droop when i smile (Photo)

Can it be fixed to where I dont look mad or disgusted, people think i have an attitude just by my mouth until they get to know me. READ MORE

Is there a surgery that can fix my droopy upper lip? The right side of my mouth droops very noticeably. (photos)

My upper lip has always drooped on the right side, but it seems to be getting worse. It really bothers me. Is there a surgery that can help this? I... READ MORE

Droopy lower lip and skin below it, lip incompetence. Is it possible to correct these problems without jaw surgery? (Photo)

I have several problems with my lips: - they don't close all the way without significant strain of the mentalis; - they lie a good cm apart when at... READ MORE

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