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Best treatment for disappearing lips? (photos)

Hello I'm 30 yrs old. I have never smoked. I noticed my top lip has been getting smaller. And the line on one side is disappearing. And two lines have... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for West Palm Beach, Florida Lip Injections?

I'm looking for a dr in or around west palm beach, Florida who is an expert at injecting lips, folds, etc. I've been to several drs and always... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know a Good 'Lip Augmentation' Doctor in Tucson, Arizona?

I have a very thin upper lip. My bottom lip is full so I would like to plump up the upper lip with either injections of a small implant but would like... READ MORE

Perioral Rejuvenation Doctor Recommendations

Where can I find a doctor who does "corner of the mouth lifts" or "perioral rejuvenation?" READ MORE

Any Recommendations for Lip Lift or Injection Professionals in Miami?

Should I go for a Lip lift or lip injections? My lips arent that bad but I have thin upper lip and a distance between my nose I also want a result... READ MORE

Charlotte Perma Facial Implant Doctor Recommendations

I heard about a permanent lip implant called Perma Facial Implant, and I would like to know more about it. Can anyone recommend a doctor in... READ MORE

How to Find a Reputable Plastic Suregon for a Lip Augmentation Using Either Restylane or Juvaderm?

I‘ve toyed around with getting a lip augmentation but my fear is ending up looking like Lisa Rinna. I live in Virginia Beach so I am not surrounded b... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Permanent Saline Lip Implants

Where can I get permanent lip augmentation? What doctors have the most experience and success using permanent saline lip implants? I want to set up a... READ MORE

First procedure, I'm currently looking for doctors in the New York that do beautiful lip augmentation (Photo)

I'm basically looking for well reviewed doctors that have done a good job on lip injections but have no idea where to start. I also want to ask if I... READ MORE

What is the name of the surgery/incision made to have a line on my bottom lip like Angelina Jolie?

Are there any risks, or complications with this surgery? Is it permanent? Also, are there any drs who perform this often? READ MORE

Can someone advise me a good doctor in Paris to do lip injections?

Bonjour I just moved to Paris and I wanna do lips injection . It's so scared because I don't speak french corretly and i can't find a good doctor to... READ MORE

How can I find a plastic surgeon that would be able to fix my crooked lip? (Photo)

I am in search of a plastic surgeon in the Houston area that could permanently fix my crooked lower lip. My teeth went through my lower lip when I was... READ MORE

Iip injections doctors in the NJ/NY area?

So, I saw today a video of Kim Zolciaks daughter getting lip injections from dr Simon Ourian a dr in Beverly Hills and I noticed how on the video he... READ MORE

Who is the best plastic surgeon in NYC for removing silicone lumps from lips?

Need help a friend of mine had silicone injected into her lips years ago and now has a lump in the middle of her mouth. She asked me to post this... READ MORE

Lip injections In Palm Beach County? (Photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old and I'm looking for a doctor who specializes or is very experienced in injecting lip fillers. My bottom lip is a lot larger... READ MORE

I'm trying to find someone who does lip injections using a cannula in the Dallas-Fort area. (Photo)

I have had my lips injected using a cannula and with out and it is amazing what a difference the cannula makes. Not only is there very little swelling... READ MORE

Best Lip Filler Doctor in Dublin?

Hi, I'm from Dublin, Ireland. Can you tell me who's the best doctor to go to for fillers for my lips? READ MORE

California Lip Augmentation Doctor Recommendations

I think actress Megan Fox has had her lips done recently, and they look fuller and natural, but not fake. Can anyone recommend some good doctors in... READ MORE

Who is the best surgeon / dentist / periodontist in Australia for lip repositioning / lip lowering for a gummy smile?

I had a consultation with a periodontist here recently but he mentioned he has had patients relapse about a year after surgery. I also currently have... READ MORE

Can I get a doctor who will restore my vermilion line, fix the asymmetry and give me normal looking ear in one stage? (photo)

Hello,I lost my upper lip and left ear on 5th of February this year after my ex boyfriend bit them off.I had them both reconstructed on 1st of march... READ MORE

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