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Lips Are Too Big After Restylane - Can I Get Hyaluronidase?

I had restylane injections in my top and bottom lips two days ago. I look like a duck! I have heard of Hyaluronidase, does is really work and are... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Dissolve Lumps Without Reducing my Achieved Lip Volume?

I have taken lips injections 2 times,after 1st time i felt several lumps on my lips which is very uneven and 2nd time i am feeling same lumps,what is... READ MORE

Can I receive lip injections/fillers on my cleft lip? (photo)

Hi. I had lip augmentation surgery for my cleft lip about 3 years ago and feel the tissue has dissolved back into my body and I feel I have a somewhat... READ MORE

Will Cortisone Injections Dissolve Lip Bumps or Any Implant in Lips?

Will Cortisone Injections Dissolve Lip Bumps or Any Implant in Lips? READ MORE

What to Do to Dissolve Sodium Hyaluronate Filler? (Not Hyaluronic Acid) (photo)

Hello, last year I had the very bad idea to go for lips injections with a "medical esthetician" (does it even exist?) and it went really bad. In... READ MORE

Lips grew 3 times bigger 2-3 hours after the procedure. Should I have the acid dissolved asap, or will swelling vanish? (Photo)

Had LA with neauvia organic yesterday ( 0.5 syringe).Lips were visibly plumper but looked fine. Came home, an hour later I saw two lumps and massaged... READ MORE

How long does the vermillion border take to repair itself? (photos)

My lips were over filled last year which caused filler to be above my lip line. I had it dissolved and then refilled and the same thing seems to have... READ MORE

I had lip injections 1week ago. They are uneven. Cupids bow on right side is higher then the left. Any suggestions? (photos)

Right side is clearly not as full as the left side on both top and bottom. Does top look bigger then bottom lip? Should I just have these dissolved or... READ MORE

When getting lip filler, does the top lip usually swell more than the bottom lip? (photos)

I got lip filler in my lips 2 days ago. She massaged my top lip much more than my bottom. My top lip is bigger than what I wanted as far as proportion... READ MORE

How long should I wait after hyalase/having lips dissolved before having more filler? (photos)

I had my lips injected a few times by same practitioner when I noticed a lump on the left side which was dissolved. I wait a few months and went to... READ MORE

When Lip Fillers Are Dissolved, What Will My Lips Look Like?

I'm thinking of getting lip fillers since my upper lip is quite thin and my lower lip is kind of uneven. I was wondering, will I be able to make my... READ MORE

I have an uneven top lip because of Articol lip injections over 10 years ago. Will my lip ever go back to the way it was?(photo)

14 years ago I got an Articol upper lip injection. Almost immediately it bubbled to one side and left a large hard bump. I went back to the doctor and... READ MORE

I would like to know after 2 weeks if my lips could still change and soften? (photos)

I got my lips done 2 weeks ago and usually by 2 weeks they say the lips have healed however my bottom lip looks too big and thick and out of balance... READ MORE

Can I have my lips augmented immediately after Juvederm Voluma has been disolved?

Recently Juvederm VOLUMA was used in my lips. They do not look or feel good. I posted on this site and it was recommended that I speak to the injector... READ MORE

Should I add more filler to the corners of my lips or just dissolve? (photo)

I hate looking unnatural and right now I feel like my lips look very fake. I think there is too much filler in the center of my mouth but not enough... READ MORE

Do lip fillers dissolve faster after Rhinoplasty?

I've been considering lip fillers but heard it's better to have them after rhinoplasty as if done before, the rhinoplasty healing process will... READ MORE

How long does the vermillion border take to repair itself? How long should I wait between dissolving a restarting? (photos)

My lips were over filled last year using juvederm which created a bump of filler above my lip. I had the lump dissolved then waited and had a... READ MORE

Do fillers permanently change the shape and definition of the lip border or cause some alteration?

I feel as though fillers have made my lips look less defined and uneven. My lips were symmetrically and had a strong border & bow. Once the fillers... READ MORE

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