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Which is Best for Lip Definition, Juvederm or Restylane?

I would like to have more definition on my lips; I don't want them to look fuller. Which procedure is best for this, Juvederm or Restylane? READ MORE

How can I get a more prominent Cupid's Bow? (Photo)

Hello, I think my upper lip needs more definition in the Cupid Bow area. I wonder what procedures would be beneficial to me, as I'm not very concerned... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation with SMAS Graft

What is Lip Augmentation with SMAS Graft? Please explain more. How is it done? How is the result? How long does it last? How much does it cost? Is it... READ MORE

How can I define my lip lines and cupid bow? What do you think of my lips? (Photo)

I would like to add maybe a little volume to my lips I think they are a little thin, I don't really like the shape. What would you do to make my lips... READ MORE

Charlotte Perma Facial Implant Doctor Recommendations

I heard about a permanent lip implant called Perma Facial Implant, and I would like to know more about it. Can anyone recommend a doctor in... READ MORE

What are my options for lip augmentation? What would an estimated cost be for the work I need? (Photo)

Seeking a VERY fleshy,chunky,pouty,full result. I need the most help in the border- mine is very weak and undefined and I seek a very strong border... READ MORE

My upper lip is thin and lacks definition. What procedure would be best for me, Lip Lift or Lip Augmentation? (photos)

I am 20 years old and want to give my upper lip a better shape . it is thin and lacks definition , However I don't want it to look unnatural. So what... READ MORE

Projection and Definition in my lips!! Is it possible? (Photo)

I would like to get a shorter space between my lips and nose with a more defined philtrum ridges and vermillion border. To finish I’d like some p... READ MORE

How can I get defined, even and pink lips? (Photo)

Mine are puffy without any definition. They're also thick and has discoloration. My lips has always been fairly pale but for some years now dark spots... READ MORE

African American, female. I want deep, defined philtrum columns and cupid's bow. How can I achieve this look? (photo)

Hello there, My current lips look like the woman's in the first photo where the philtrum columns and the Cupid bow are not well defined. I would like... READ MORE

What type of lip augmentation is required for a well defined Cupid's Bow lip? (photo)

So I'm really considering plastic surgery for a more a defined Cupid's bow lip like Rihanna's. What do you think? I want my fullness just more... READ MORE

I have no definition in my lips. Will lip fillers help or be suitable for me?

As you can see in the photo I have no real definitive lines in my lips. I would love to have a clear Cupid's bow and more definition. Would lip filler... READ MORE

How should I go forth with increasing lip definition? (photos)

I've always wanted defined lips with a cupids bow but I'm very unsure as to whether I should get lip fillers or get the outline of my lips tattood?... READ MORE

Angelina Jolie lips for more defined lips. Is it possible? (Photo)

Hi, I am very self conscious about my lips as I believe they lack shape and definition. Do I have the lips to support Angelina J lips? How would i go... READ MORE

How do I get more defined lips? (Photo)

I think my lips are full enough when not smiling. But they aren't very defined like, it's hard for me to see the outline of my lips cause they aren't... READ MORE

Asymmetrical lips and smile - how to fix? And what are the possible causes for it?

Smiling w/out showing teeth, left side of my lips is sharp and defined while the other is rounded and concave inward. Smiling w/ teeth causes left... READ MORE

Which form of lip augmentation would obtain natural, fuller, more defined lips and symmetrical lips and smile? (Photo)

I don't hate my lips as I feel like they have a nice shape, but I'd like for them to be plumper, fuller & defined. The space between my nose and lips... READ MORE

Options for a flat top lip (Photos)

My lips are already large however my top lift does not have a defined ridge or cupids bow. Its also very flat, so only my bottom lip sticks out. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to have pigment loss or slightly less undefined lips after fillers dissipate? (Photo)

I feel as though the fillers have made me loose some pigment in my lip border therefore making my lips look less defined and not as straight as before... READ MORE

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