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Lip Augmentation: Different Techniques for Different Shapes of Lips?

I have petite Cupid's bow lips. Is there a certain technique for injecting fillers with my shape of lips that proportionally enhances my lips as... READ MORE

Can Lip Fillers B Used to Lift the Cupid's Bow and Top Lip?

Hi. I am wondering whether lip filers can be used to lift the top lip - to not only add volume, but lift the cupid's bow and philtrum. READ MORE

What Procedure Would I Need To Fill In My Cupid's Bow?

I have a cupid's bow and I think having a rounded upper lip without a cupid's bow would suit my face better. What plastic surgery/ injectible... READ MORE

How can I get a more prominent Cupid's Bow? (Photo)

Hello, I think my upper lip needs more definition in the Cupid Bow area. I wonder what procedures would be beneficial to me, as I'm not very concerned... READ MORE

Upper lips is too pointy. Is it possible to reshape lip by taking away Cupid's bow & making it more round WITHOUT use of filler?

I have nice, full lips but my upper lip has a very strong, pointy Cupid's bow. Looks like an "M" at the top. I want a rounded upper lip like Angelina... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Injectables to Make my Upper Lip Longer?

I have a natural cupids bow and my lip protrudes at the vermilion. I want to get injectables to make my upper lip longer. I would like to have more... READ MORE

What Type of Lip Enhancing Procedure is Best for Me? (photo)

I'm not satisfied with the way my upper lip appears. The cupids bow area needs to be heightened, & the left/right sides of my lips are very thin.... READ MORE

How can I define my lip lines and cupid bow? What do you think of my lips? (Photo)

I would like to add maybe a little volume to my lips I think they are a little thin, I don't really like the shape. What would you do to make my lips... READ MORE

Lip Injections or Lip Lift? 26y/o with Long Upper Lip

I am 26 years old. I wanted to get some sort of lip augmentation. I was originally thinking injections but I have read that if you have a long upper... READ MORE

Is Possible to Make my Inner and Outer Lip Line More Curvy?

My lips are decently plump but my inner lip line has no shape. Is there a surgery to shape them to what I think people refer as a cupid's bow? And is... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the shape of the cupid's bow? (photo)

I am 37 years old and have never been comfortable with the shape of my upper lip. I don't feel that it looks very masculine and it causes me a great... READ MORE

I had lip injections 1week ago. They are uneven. Cupids bow on right side is higher then the left. Any suggestions? (photos)

Right side is clearly not as full as the left side on both top and bottom. Does top look bigger then bottom lip? Should I just have these dissolved or... READ MORE

What Are Good Fillers for the Lips?

My cupid's bow isn't very visible, what type of filler should I use for it? READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Permanent Lip Augmentation. No Fillers? (photo)

I find my upper lip has no volume on the parts leading down toward the corners of my lip. Also, my upper lip has no color red in the Cupid's bow... READ MORE

I Got a Lip Implant and I Still Want my Lips to Be Bigger, What else Can I Do?

I got the largest permalip implant and I still want my top lip bigger with more volume at the cupids bow. Can another implant be placed on top of the... READ MORE

Why is my Cupid's bow so swollen after lip filler? (photo)

I had lip filler2 days ago-my lips were very swollen and I found it hard to eat and talk.i began to ice and took Benadryl-today I can eat and talk... READ MORE

Enlarge Bottom and Top Lip W/ Implant, and Get a Cupid's Bow W/ Strong Vermillion Border, Cost? (photo)

I should mention I had fat grafting done to my cheeks (sucked from tummy, and put into cheeks) from that fat my surgeon offered to put some fat in my... READ MORE

This procedure was suppose to improve the esthetics of my cupids bow. What went wrong? (photo)

I need a third party opinion from a doctor in comparision to my revisioning doctors. The last photo is the current after two revision(s) and one more... READ MORE

What type of lip augmentation is required for a well defined Cupid's Bow lip? (photo)

So I'm really considering plastic surgery for a more a defined Cupid's bow lip like Rihanna's. What do you think? I want my fullness just more... READ MORE

African American, female. I want deep, defined philtrum columns and cupid's bow. How can I achieve this look? (photo)

Hello there, My current lips look like the woman's in the first photo where the philtrum columns and the Cupid bow are not well defined. I would like... READ MORE

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