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How to Improve Symmetry of Crooked Lips?

I've been to my state hospital and spoken to a plastic surgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon and basically they told me my jaw is the cause of my... READ MORE

Lower mouth lip goes to right when I talk and smile. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hello,I'm Dima, 22. I was born with one lung and my heart was shifted to the right. I live a normal life and take no medication. However ever since I... READ MORE

Can my lip incompetence be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

I had braces and orthodontic herbst as a child (ages 9 to 11) to treat overbite and bucked teeth. Ever since, I have had a crooked jaw (opens to the... READ MORE

Lips tilt down on the right side, and have sagging corners? (photos)

Hi, guys! I'm a young female who's going to get several procedures done, but has a huge problem with my lips. They're also quite thin and not much... READ MORE

What do you suggest for my wonky, uneven mouth? (Photo)

I hate my face when I smile, my nose is quite large and I get crows feet as i have to force a smile as I cannot move the lower left hand side of my... READ MORE

Lip Lift vs. Lip Augmentation for Crooked Lips?

My mouth is just odd looking. It seems small for my face and my lips are crooked and lopsided. My goal is to just have a nice, normal looking mouth so... READ MORE

How to fix a crooked smile after braces? (Photo)

Hi, I am scheduled for braces removal next month. My teeth looks great but I have a pretty crooked smile. I want a symmetrical look but I do not know... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Lips Symmetrical?

When I smile, my lower right lip would droop a bit, giving me a crooked looking smile. How does a dentist fix this kind of problem. Does puberty do... READ MORE

Can lip augmentation or Juvderem fix a crooked/uneven lip? (Photo)

My top lip is uneven especially when I talk I hate it I just wanted to know if lip augmentation can fix that?? READ MORE

What procedure can be done to raise one corner of my lip? (Photo)

I have asymmetry in my face where I have one dimple on only one side and that corner of my mouth is fine, it raises like normal and I like it. The... READ MORE

Either my jaw, teeth, or lip is crooked. How can I fix it? (Photo)

My jaw or something is crooked. I hate it so much because I love to smile but I feel so self conscious and I feel like it looks weird when I talk. How... READ MORE

My upper lip is uneven on the right side as it lifts up higher than the left side, what procedure would help me? (photos)

As you can see from my photo I have a crooked nose and my upper lip is uneven. Even before braces I always had this problem. When my mouth is relaxed... READ MORE

How do I correct my very asymmetric mouth? (Photo)

For whatever reason my mouth is very crooked, it wasn't always like this but for whatever reason it seems to be highly asymmetric. What, if anything,... READ MORE

Asymmetrical lips, nose and eyes; what can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I hate the way that my lips are so uneven and I've noticed, particularly in pictures that my nose is crooked. My uneven lips are most noticeable when... READ MORE

How to fix an ugly smile - crooked upper lip. (photos)

My smile has always been ugly. The problem is when I smile my upper lip is crooked, my cheeks become fat and have no dimensions, my bottom lip comes... READ MORE

How can I find a plastic surgeon that would be able to fix my crooked lip? (Photo)

I am in search of a plastic surgeon in the Houston area that could permanently fix my crooked lower lip. My teeth went through my lower lip when I was... READ MORE

What surgery would fix my face asymmetry? (Photo)

Hi, Ive been feeling real self conscious because lately I've noticed my face is starting to look strange. I especially notice in pictures not so much... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my crooked lips? (Photo)

My lower lip seems to curve downward on the left side and when I smile my lips flatten out really unevenly. I had braces before and they supposedly... READ MORE

Have Triangular Lips That Never Close/crooked Smile and Gums ?

My upper lip is very triangle-shape and I always keep my mouth shut so it isn't easily noticeable that my lips never touch. When I smile I've... READ MORE

How to fix mouth shape? (photos)

Hi So when I was a small child I fell off my bike and one side of my upper lip ended up getting stuck in my teeth. I have some scar tissue in my lip.... READ MORE

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