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Can I receive lip injections/fillers on my cleft lip? (photo)

Hi. I had lip augmentation surgery for my cleft lip about 3 years ago and feel the tissue has dissolved back into my body and I feel I have a somewhat... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lip Post Surgery, Will It Keep Changing?

I had a dermal graft and v-y advancement to help give my ^ lip a symmetrical appearance due to a minor cleft lip. I have been patient but it has been... READ MORE

Can I get injections to fix small dents and depressions caused by cleft lip scars?

I was relatively lucky that although I had a bilateral cleft lip, everything came together quite nicely and I actually have pretty full lips. My... READ MORE

Can I get a correction of flat lip and a dip/dent below my nostril after a cleft lip revision? (photos)

After a cleft lip revision five years ago I have been left with a flat lip and a dent below my nostril. See photos. I have seen a facial plastic... READ MORE

What Kind of Revisions Should I Have? (photo)

I was born with what I'm quite sure is a unilateral cleft lip, but I haven't talked to a doctor about it in years. I just turned 18 in July, and over... READ MORE

I have a really droopy left bottom lip. What can I do for it? (Photo)

The bottom left side of my lips droop a lot. I don't know if it is considered drooping, but it is significantly larger. Also important, I was born... READ MORE

Will lip injections make my cleft lip scar more noticeable? (Photos)

I was born with a cleft lip and palate and I'm wanting to get lip injections in my top lip. Will getting injections make my scar more noticeable?... READ MORE

Dog bite: I've had 5 reconstructions covered by NHS & I wondered what more I can do? (Photo)

2012 the family dog bit my left upper lip off. My surgeon has done a great job rebuilding my lip but I'm still not happy with the way I look.... READ MORE

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