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Is It Normal That I Still Have Hard Lumps on my Lips More Than 1 Month After Injection? (photo)

Hello. I'm kind of very desperate. I got lip injections about 5 weeks ago and it got VERY swollen and I look like a deformed duck now. The initial... READ MORE

My Lip Filling is Swollen, Suddenly After 7 Months. Causes? What Can I Do? (photo)

I had a lip filling around 6/7 months ago, i woke up this morning and they are swollen in a horrible way. i tried to put ice and cold water but... READ MORE

Ice then Shower Causing Pain After Lip Injections. What's Going On?

I am so scared please help. my lips was fine after 3-4 hours they started swollen and painfull. READ MORE

I Have Moveable Lumps Following Lip Enhancement, What's The Cause? What Can I Do?

Had a lip enhancement injected to the top lip. 3 months after the procedure I was left with hard moveable pea like lumps under the skin. Thesse lumps... READ MORE

Lips Keep Swelling Up After 5 Years, Why? What Can I Do?

I got artecoll injection 5 years ago and now my lips keep swelling up. I haven't injected anything since 5 years and my lips keep swelling ...... READ MORE

Can Lip Injections Cause Paralysis?

I read a story on this site that this lady got lip injections and ended up with paralysis.Is this possible and what could prevent this from possibly... READ MORE

Is there any way to correct my asymmetrical top lip? (photos)

The asymmetry of my top lip really bothers me (especially when I see myself in a picture or from a viewpoint of how others see me, as opposed to me... READ MORE

What would cause the edge of my bottom lip to have a sort of lumpy appearance?

I am a 62 year old female and I've noticed this gradually over perhaps the past six months. My lower has lost its definition, and seems to droop a bit... READ MORE

What causes dents on the lips? (photos0

I used to have perfectly full lips but I suddenly noticed a big dent in my lip, I was told to apply lip gloss often, that it would help.. But so far... READ MORE

I noticed a line under my nose that is about an inch when I smile. I have never had it. I feel like it just appeared. (photo)

I read that man people get it after rhinoplasty or getting lip fillers but I have had either procedure. I did however buy "Fullips" (see picture" to... READ MORE

Why do i have dark lips? (Photo)

I was born with dark lips, i don't know why. Now people think that i smoke weed and some other drugs when i have never. READ MORE

Side of mouth drooping. Can I get it fixed? (Photo)

Im 22 years old and my left side of my mouth constantly drooping ? I only recently noticed it when someone pointed it out, and now its all I see. I... READ MORE

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