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How Long Until Restylane Bumps on Lip Smooth Out?

Had my upper lip boosted with restylane 3 days ago. I'm happy with the shape and size. However, I can still feel significant bumps on my inner upper... READ MORE

Will Cortisone Injections Dissolve Lip Bumps or Any Implant in Lips?

Will Cortisone Injections Dissolve Lip Bumps or Any Implant in Lips? READ MORE

Have I Got Lip Infection After Lip Filler, what Can I Do Now? (photo)

Hi In Novembery top lip only got fillers, I was in extreme agonising pain when the injection happened to the point of screaming and crying. She... READ MORE

Is It True That Lip Bumps Can Dissolve Naturally?

I have taken lip injections 2 times,now i am feeling several hard bumps in my lips,then i asked to my doctor to inject hyaluronidaze to dissolve them... READ MORE

Bumps and lumps after lip injections, should I massage them out? (Photo)

I had my lips augmented with hyaluronic 48h ago, and have bumps in my lips since. I massaged my upper lip and there is only one bump left, visible... READ MORE

Should I be concerned if I see lumps under my lip? Or am I still healing? Been 5 days. Does massage cause lumps n bumps?

Is massage during healing good? Been 5 days swelling gone down alot and bruising almost gone. Should I be concerned if I see lumps under my lip?? Or... READ MORE

What are these two bumps on my upper lip? (Photo)

I have no medical history as far as stds are concerned. I do however have a current battle with acne & I was wondering was that the cause of these two... READ MORE

What can be done to remove nodules caused by silicone injections in the lips? (photos)

A few years ago my Daughter received silicone injections in her lips. Two large bumps developed. One doctor tried injecting the nodules with steroids,... READ MORE

Should I Continue With Injections if These Bumps Are Still on my Lips After Cortisone Injections?

In early November, I had a vermillion lip advancement. It was suggested by one of your doctors that I have cortisone injections once a month until the... READ MORE

How do I correct upper lip lines/bumps? And is it possible to lift one side of my upper lip for symmetry with filler? (photos)

In certain angles, I've noticed either lip lines or bumps that have started to develop. Either way, it's not smooth and is prematurely aging my lip... READ MORE

Hello, I need help ASAP!! I got lip injections!

I recently got lip injections about 3 threes ago using princess valium . I'm worried they are botched!! I'm so upset! I need help, I don't know if... READ MORE

Will Cortisone Help in Reducing the Bumps After 7 Years?

I have done lip augmentation 7 years ago, a small bump appeared on the surface of my upper lip, a month later, I visited my doctor several times, he... READ MORE

Should I be worried about these bumps after lip injections? (Photos)

I don't think this is normal, I need to know what I need to do now? It's been 9 days now and I've been indenial about having these because I thought... READ MORE

Unevenness and bumps after Lip augmentation! Should I do anything? (photos)

I got my upper lip done yesterday (0.5ml). After injection, I noticed that lip is uneven. He tried to correct but it still looked uneven although he... READ MORE

What can help the material to spread out evenly since their not very simetrical?

Hello. I have gotten my lips injected the other day and it seems that only my bottom lip has increased in its size and the top didnt. I also would... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid lip injection. (photos)

6 yr. ago I tried a lip augm. with a filler based on hyal. acid.I was satisfied with a result,but the effect lasted only 8 months.I came back to dr.... READ MORE

Can the bump on my lip be cured using surgery?

I had a bad fall like around 5 years ago. This fall cause me to bit on my lip, hard - extremely hard. This cause bumps and scars (caused by teeth... READ MORE

I had lip fillers , under the skin in upper lip area there are two bumps is this normal?

I had lip fillers a few days ago but only in my top lip(0.5)and now in the upper lip area under the skin there are two bumps, I'm hoping that it is... READ MORE

I have bumps 3 weeks after having lip injections. How to get rid of them? (Photo)

I got my lips done for the first time 3 weeks ago. I was only injected in my upper lip since I already had full lips to give a heart shape effect. My... READ MORE

How to even out bumps after lip filler procedure? (Photos)

I got my lips done yesterday and I have a huge ball on the right side of my upper lip, it's very noticeable. When I smile my lips look distorted.... READ MORE

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