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Options For Lip Reduction To Correct Past Fat Transfer? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I had a permenant lip augmentation done a few years ago to my top and bottom lips with fat grafting and when I smile with my mouth... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my uneven upper lip? (photos)

My upper lip is not on a straight line. The middle is really big whilst other is thin. It bulges out from the middle and forms a zig zag line.This... READ MORE

Unhappy with my uneven lower face. My jawline is not defined and uneven and my lips are small and uneven. Any suggestion?(photo)

I've always been self conscious about the way my lower face looked but it became even more apparent recently when somebody took a video of me. From... READ MORE

How do I fix my lip bulging/uneven smile and how much will it cost, if at all?

About a year ago I was hit was a baseball to the upper lip resulting in a broken jaw and swollen lips for weeks. Ever since I recovered, my lip has... READ MORE

How do I remove my bulging lip tubercle? (photo)

I want to remove a slightly bulging tubercle on my upper lip because it looks pointy and makes my noise look pointy. It also hangs a little over my... READ MORE

What can be done to even out lips and clear out bulge? (photo)

My lips are misplaced and just off as you can see in the pictures. Under my bottom lip i have this bulge making it look like i have braces when i... READ MORE

If I have the excess skin removed but will my lips ever be smooth? Fillers or what will alter and plump and even my lips?(photo)

Hi few years ago I had a injury where my teeth went into my bottom lip creating a bulge on my bottom lip in the middle. I then had surgery and the... READ MORE

What is the fat and/or tissue around my mouth and lips? (Photo)

I have what I call a rainbow shaped port riding bulge around my mouth/lip area? Is this fat, tissue, muscle, sagging? How can I fix it. I find it... READ MORE

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