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Have my lip fillers gone wrong? Heavy bruising and duck face (Photo)

I had my upper lip Injected yesterday and have woken up today with bad bruising inside my lip and I look like a duck!! I don't know what's best to do... READ MORE

Bruising Normal After Lip Job and Taking Ibuprofen?

I bruise at the best of times, and did however take some Ibuprofen for back pain within 2 weeks of the procedure, which I have now been told is a... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Hair Lip Look After Lip Fillers? (photo)

I had lip fillers for the first time 2 days ago. I know that i will still have some swelling and i am still bruised. The only thing that concerns me... READ MORE

Is Any Filler Less Likely to Cause Bruising in the Lip Area?

I had restylane to fill upper lip/marionette wrinkles 6 mos ago. I got a hematoma from the dental block but I was VERY black and blue everywhere from... READ MORE

5 days post op of Lip Augmentation with Juvederm, my lower lips developed hematoma. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Friday my lips were injected with a total of one syringe Juvederm Ultra XC I developed bruising within 1 hour post procedure. I've been icing 20 min... READ MORE

Have I Got Lip Infection After Lip Filler, what Can I Do Now? (photo)

Hi In Novembery top lip only got fillers, I was in extreme agonising pain when the injection happened to the point of screaming and crying. She... READ MORE

How Do I Heal Bruising Following Restylane Injection? Also, Will the "Duck Bill" Appearance to my Top Lip Settle? (photo)

I had restylane to my lips almost 24hrs ago. The bruising has increased post injection. Will this get better soon? How can I speed healing? Am taking... READ MORE

I bumped my lip 6 days after having fillers. Is it something i should worry about? (photos)

I had the lip augmentation procedure done 6 days ago, most visible swelling and bruising has gone. there is still very minor bumps. my lips are just... READ MORE

Is it normal to have purple/black bruises on the lips after a full lip tattoo? (photo)

I had my lips tattooed for the first time four days ago and I noticed now that there are purple/black bruises on my lips near the corners. Is this normal? READ MORE

Is my outcome normal? I had my lips done 2 days ago & I'm in a bit of pain. I've got quite bad bruising & swelling. (Photo)

I took ibuprofen straight after as I wasn't told I shouldn't. I realized a lump straight away & my doctor massaged it. My lips have become very... READ MORE

Top lip done yesterday, injected with a full syringe. Why is it swollen and badly bruised?

I also have a small lump which I have been massaging however will all this calm down? I only wanted a half a syringe but was advised that 1syringe... READ MORE

Would I know if I had scar tissue or tissue loss in my lips after fillers, will it be visible to me?

Just wondering if I had scar tissue or tissue loss. I had a lot bruising and swelling after fillers. Also bled a little during treatment. I had a lump... READ MORE

Will my parents be able to tell I got lip injections?

I'm 18 years old. My parents would never let me get lip injections and if they found out they would be very mad. I plan to get juvederm or something... READ MORE

Should I be worried about the swelling after lip fillers? They are huge! (Photo)

I had my lip fillers done yesterday. I am so worried about the swelling! I can't remember it swelling like this last time.. I had 0.7 of juverderm... READ MORE

Uneven swelling after lip fillers

The right side of my top lip is more swollen and bruised than the left , i had them done yesterday and noticed that they were abit un even so 30 mins... READ MORE

I had my lips done over 5 weeks ago; is this normal? (Photo)

I am left with lumps in my lips and a slight hang on the right side is this normal, i have appt tomorrow to maybe have more filler in would or could... READ MORE

Bruise Mark left after Lip Filler. Filorga Filler used! Any suggestions?

Had 1ml of filler no probs or bruising. Wasn't quite enough for top lip, the lady suggested I came back for 0.5 topup the next week. Did this on a... READ MORE

What's wrong with my lips? (Photo)

What would cause the severe bruising, lumps and bumps on my lips? First time getting lip injections on Monday, 6/13/16, 5 days ago, disappointed.... READ MORE

Swollen bruised lips after augmentation. (photo)

My lips are really bruises and swollen after the lip augmentation and they are really big.. Is this normal.. Ive been applying hot pads on them. I... READ MORE

Can white spots be developed after getting lip fillers in the borders?

I really think I lost some pigment in the border of my lips after fillers. I don't know if this is due to the trauma from the needle or the bruising I... READ MORE

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