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My right upper lips is slightly different then my left upper lips. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

My right upper lips is slightly bigger then my left upper lips,it's not noticeable from the far but it can b notice if you look at them closely!it... READ MORE

Lip Lift Vs. Lip Augmentation To Create More Sultry Lips?

I want to reduce the length between my nose to my upper lip. I also want to enhance the appearance create a more sultry lip/lips. Would a lip lift... READ MORE

What is the best method of changing my upper lip shape? (photos)

Firstly i like the o shape lips celebs like rihanna have, monical belluci , jes alba have. i get that look by making my top lip bigger and th ecupids... READ MORE

How to make my lips smaller naturally without makeup & surgery but medical related product?

By using nails on my lips means by scraching lip skin from my lips with my nails has made my lip bigger. READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get Another Round of Restylane Injected into Lips?

I had 0.5mL of Restylane injected in my small lips 4 days ago. It was my first time doing anything of the sort and I wanted to be "conservative" about... READ MORE

Would lip injections make my small mouth look bigger and fuller? (Photo)

I would like my lips and mouth to appear bigger and fuller. Would injections achieve this look? READ MORE

Should my Filled Lip Ultimately End Up Looking Any Larger Than Immediately After It's Done?

I had my top lip filled with Perlane yesterday afternoon and it looked great right after. Later in the evening it got much larger and now I'm... READ MORE

Is there surgery to reduce my philtrum therefore lifting my top lip to make it bigger? (photo)

My top lip is thin but when I lift my philtrum slightly under my nose my top lip goes bigger. So in fact I do have a larger top lip but seems to be... READ MORE

How do I get my lips fuller like Kylie Jenner permanently? (photos)

How do I get my lips fuller like kylie jenner permanently? My bottom lip is bigger than my upper...i want my upper to be the same size permanently.. READ MORE

Can you make your lips wider? (photos)

My lips are quite full but I feel they aren't wide so it makes my lips look weird. Could I get a surgery that makes them bigger and wider. READ MORE

I'm wanting lip injections. How many syringes would I need to achieve a Kylie Jenner look? (Photo)

Curious because I really want bigger fuller lips!!! I have consultation next week, but want other opinions. I definitely dont want a subtle change I... READ MORE

I Got a Lip Implant and I Still Want my Lips to Be Bigger, What else Can I Do?

I got the largest permalip implant and I still want my top lip bigger with more volume at the cupids bow. Can another implant be placed on top of the... READ MORE

What procedure can I get to make my upper lip bigger? (photos)

My lips are too small, I was considering getting lip fillers but I don't know if that's my best option READ MORE

Can lip injections make my smile bigger?

My mouth is very small and about the same width as my nose. I understand that correcting this will make my lips look more aesthetically pleasing when... READ MORE

Lips Changing Years After Augmentation, What Can I Do?

I had my lips done about 10 years ago by a (bad, as it turns out) doctor in Milan. The thing that she injected, she called "polymers", and... READ MORE

Would I know if I had scar tissue or tissue loss in my lips after fillers, will it be visible to me?

Just wondering if I had scar tissue or tissue loss. I had a lot bruising and swelling after fillers. Also bled a little during treatment. I had a lump... READ MORE

Would I look good with bigger lips? (Photo)

These are my lips before and then lined with lip liner and lipstick on and i like how they look after!! i always wanted big lips my whole life. Im 18.... READ MORE

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