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What is Best for Thin Lips: Need Help!

I have thin lips an want them done this month. I've been lookin online an can't seem to figure out whats best. Please help someone. i live in... READ MORE

Best Permanent Lip Injection Treatment?

Hey, What Will Be the Best Permanent Lip Injection Available in the Market These Day ? READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Getting Larger Looking Lips?

What is the Best Treatment for Getting Larger Looking Lips? READ MORE

I've been having a bit of a dilemma with my lip filler. (photos)

 I've had 5 lots done in 12 months and it's costing me a fortune. The product doesn't last 8 weeks my lips go down rather quickly.What is best... READ MORE

What is the best approach to permanent lip augmentation? (photos)

I am looking to plump my lips (not dramatically I would say) and even them out. I do not however like the idea of dealing out 500$+ every 6 months to... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Upper lip, what would be the best procedures? (Photos)

I'm 21 and I really want to do something about my upper lip. I've always had an asymmetrical upper lip, but as I've got older it's become more... READ MORE

Removing Permalip Surgisil implants and replacing with filler.

I had permalip implants 8 months ago and would like to get them removed. My smile looks unnatural. I went to a consult and I was told I can have... READ MORE

What treatment is best for uneven lips? (photos)

I've had orthodontic work done while I was a teen that wasn't so great (a tooth was taken out on the left that didn't need to). Now at 26, I'm getting... READ MORE

Can this lip mole be removed? (Photos)

Hi I have this horrible mole on my lip that hurts and sometimes gets small pimple-like inflammation around it. Can it be removed? What's the best way?... READ MORE

What's the best surgery to correct my upper lip after loose half of it? (Photos)

I had bad experience after AVM sclerotherapy procedure to my upper lip ends with necrosis of Rt side of upper lip up to the Rt sid of the nose.... I'm... READ MORE

Lower lip lines that get worse as day goes on? (Photos)

When I wake up I have slight lip lines, hardly visible at all. By the end of the day , they are awful. What causes the change and what is my best option? READ MORE

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