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Uneven smile from bells palsy - filler? upper lip lift? (photos)

Have had surgery to correct bells palsy. Still have an uneven smile.Had bells palsy. Had 50 percent recovery. Got a nerve graft across my face above... READ MORE

Could releasing Depressor Anguli Oris muscle really help downturn mouth?

Hi Doctors, I am in my 30s and do not have obvious frown lines yet. But when I talk and laugh, the corners of my mouth/lips are pulled down by the DAO... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer Related to Bells Palsey Deformation and Speech Problems? (photo)

I had lip augmentation on Friday. Today is Tuesday and my lower right side of my lip is more swollen, bruised and sorer than the rest of my lower or... READ MORE

Ii have a pouty downward mouth, and bells palsy has made one side permanently droop when i smile (Photo)

Can it be fixed to where I dont look mad or disgusted, people think i have an attitude just by my mouth until they get to know me. READ MORE

Lip tightening?

Because of unilateral paralysis and synkinesis, my lower lip and upper lip are just stretched out. The tug of war between the two has left them... READ MORE

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