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Is It Normal That I Still Have Hard Lumps on my Lips More Than 1 Month After Injection? (photo)

Hello. I'm kind of very desperate. I got lip injections about 5 weeks ago and it got VERY swollen and I look like a deformed duck now. The initial... READ MORE

My Left Lip Does Not Go Up when I Smile. You Cannont See my Teeth. What Do I Do?!

I am 15 years old and I have a very small mouth and I want full lips with a pretty smile. When I smile, you cannot see my teeth. My left lip does not... READ MORE

How to Improve Symmetry of Crooked Lips?

I've been to my state hospital and spoken to a plastic surgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon and basically they told me my jaw is the cause of my... READ MORE

Lip Filler Vs. Permanent Lip Lift for an Uneven Upper Lip

I lost a tooth when I was 13 and my upper lip has changed shape. I had braces to fix my smile but it still is unsymmetrical b/c of the top upper lip... READ MORE

I Have an Asymmetric Smile. Do You Think This is Caused by my Lip Shape or Gum (photo)?

I have an asymmetrical smile. Would you reccomend to treatment to fix my lips, gums or both. I have heard that botox, cosmetic lip tattoos and gum... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Procedure to Have Angelina Jolie's Lips?

My VERY thin lips desire an augmentation to result in Angelina Jolie lips. I tried collagen, results were lumpy, off-center, one side was larger than... READ MORE

Recommendations for Correcting Long Upper Lip?

Any suggestions? I do not like the symmetry of my face READ MORE

Lips Are Asymmetrical After Lip Injection, What Should I Do?

I had a lip injection in my upperlip on the 19the of august. The one side of my lip i like very much. But the other side has a sort of... READ MORE

Lip Drooping - How Can I Fix Assymetry on my Lips

My right corner of the lip is drooping and I would like to fix this. What would be the best and most natural way to go about doing this? I DO NOT want... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lips, Sad Looking Lips/ Middle Face? (photo)

The center of my upper lip looks quite full, but the rest of the lip looks like that something is missing. Are my lips suitable for Juvederm in that... READ MORE

5 days post op of Lip Augmentation with Juvederm, my lower lips developed hematoma. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Friday my lips were injected with a total of one syringe Juvederm Ultra XC I developed bruising within 1 hour post procedure. I've been icing 20 min... READ MORE

Shortened Smile After V-Y Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer - Nerve Damage? (photo)

My surgeon told me that my lips could not get fuller only with fat, but needed VY-plasty. 3 years after my smile is shorter than before, less teeth... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options for Asymmetrical Smile?

I've always had an asymmetrical smile - my right lifts freely to connect with the smile line, whereas my left struggles and a bulge is visible on... READ MORE

What Are my Treatment Options for Irregular Shaped Upper Lip and Prominent Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

For my entire life, I have been extremely self conscious over my upper lip ( strangely shaped like the letter "M"). I am constantly asked why I appear... READ MORE

Lip Injections: Cannula or Regular Needle?

Hi! I would like to know which method is better for lip enhancement, not only for volume, but also for cupid bow raising, fixing asymmetry in lip? I... READ MORE

How to fix a crooked smile after braces? (Photo)

Hi, I am scheduled for braces removal next month. My teeth looks great but I have a pretty crooked smile. I want a symmetrical look but I do not know... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lip Post Surgery, Will It Keep Changing?

I had a dermal graft and v-y advancement to help give my ^ lip a symmetrical appearance due to a minor cleft lip. I have been patient but it has been... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Lips Symmetrical?

When I smile, my lower right lip would droop a bit, giving me a crooked looking smile. How does a dentist fix this kind of problem. Does puberty do... READ MORE

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