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Can I Get Big Lips Through Injections?

Can a person with very thin lips get big lips(like angelina jolie) through injections or can that only happen through lip surgery? READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Procedure to Have Angelina Jolie's Lips?

My VERY thin lips desire an augmentation to result in Angelina Jolie lips. I tried collagen, results were lumpy, off-center, one side was larger than... READ MORE

Lip Injection to Look Like Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox?

Hi...I am planning to have lip injection but since my doctor asks me which areas I want to inject, I need to know where on my upper lip should I have... READ MORE

What is the Best Permanent Solution to Getting Angelina Jolie Lips? (photo)

I have always had small lips, and am now looking to possibly change that. I won't be able to for another 10 months or so, but I am looking for a... READ MORE

Upper lips is too pointy. Is it possible to reshape lip by taking away Cupid's bow & making it more round WITHOUT use of filler?

I have nice, full lips but my upper lip has a very strong, pointy Cupid's bow. Looks like an "M" at the top. I want a rounded upper lip like Angelina... READ MORE

I want a split like in Angelina Jolie's lips. Is there anyway of getting this? (photo)

I want a split/dent in the middle of my lips like angelina jolies, my lips are already similiar to hers, but i want that indention on her bottom lip!... READ MORE

Angelina Jolie lips for more defined lips. Is it possible? (Photo)

Hi, I am very self conscious about my lips as I believe they lack shape and definition. Do I have the lips to support Angelina J lips? How would i go... READ MORE

What is the best option to make my lips fuller? (Photo)

My lips are rather small and my cupids bow is rather prominent but being a makeup artist its rather annoying but I would like Angelina Jolie lips (who... READ MORE

Can you take a picture of a celeb or person and give it to a plastic surgeon and can they make that feature look exactly?

Could I get the same shaped nose as Angelina Jolie, could I get Adriana Limas lip shape and size ? READ MORE

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