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How Much Restylane or Juvederm Will I Need to Get my Lips Looking Like This?

I'm going to add a photo of the lips I want and a photo of the lips I have READ MORE

How Much Restylane is Needed for Dramatic Larger Lips? (photo)

Hey there! i plan on getting a lip augmentation soon but im so unsure of how much i will need and i dont want to arrive there unsure so i decided to... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Filler Would Give Me my Desired Lips? (photo)

Also what filler would your recommend? I'm concerned with how flat my lips look and would like a more pouty look. READ MORE

Is half a vial of lip injections enough? (Photo)

I have pretty nice lips I just wanted them a but pouttier but not too much would half be enough for me or should I do a full? READ MORE

Can You Control the Amount of Reduction in Your Lips?

For lip reduction surgery, can you control how reduced your lips get. I've seen before and after pictures of lip reductions and there's barely a... READ MORE

How much would be enough filler to make my lips look plumped but natural? (photos)

My lips have a mind of its own! Some days I get a nice plump but other days they seem smaller. Every time I smile they seem to disappear! I just want... READ MORE

Lip fillers! How much should I get? (Photo)

So I want to get my lips done eventually but im not sure where to go or how much to get. I am very picky of how I want them to be so I wanna make sure... READ MORE

Half a syringe for Cupid's bow? (Photo)

Was wondering if half a syringe to fill the lips I would like a fuller looking Cupid bow without the duck lips look. It seems that a full syringe is... READ MORE

How much lip filler should I get? (Photo)

I've been looking to get some lip filler to really plump my lips (nothing crazy ducky or unnatural) just like my lips but enhanced. I was wondering... READ MORE

How many lip syringes will I need? (Photo)

I have extremely thin lips that disappear when I smile, I want to get kylie Jenner size how many would it take ? And what kind should i get READ MORE

What amount of lip filler do I need to get a natural full lip? (photo)

I would like my top lip slightly bigger but I don't want my lips to get too swollen from the procedure as I don't want it to look like I've had it... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation amount? (Photo)

I would like to get an opinion on a recommended, natural lip augmentation amount. This will be my first time but always wanted fuller lips. READ MORE

I would like to fill my lips a little. Will it change the shape of my lips? (Photo)

Will it change my shape of my lips? And smooth out wrinkles on my lips? How much would I need? READ MORE

Are my lips suitable for lip augmentation by injectable fillers?

I am very interested in getting lip augmentation. I do not like how thin my lips are, especially my top lip. It starts in the center of my mouth and... READ MORE

I am looking to get lip injections soon . Is it possible to get more than one syringe put into the lips? Or is it a process? (ph

With my top lip being small and my bottom sort of pouty would I get different amouts in each? I don't want a super natural look. Yes natural is nice... READ MORE

How much injectable will I need to go from average to fuller lips? (Photo)

I think I have average size lips but I would like to experiment with volume. I had a little more pouting us and pillowiness to then when I was a... READ MORE

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