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My Bottom Lip Sticks out a Lot. What Are my Options?

Im 27 years old and my bottom lip sticks out a lot, not only the lip but the actual skin under it as well. I even have a deep wrinkle on my chin... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Lip Lines, or Lipstick Lines? (photo)

I'm a 34yr old white female. I have pale skin in the winter and I do tan in the summer. I have noticed over the past few years that my lipstick is... READ MORE

What is the safest route to correct my lips and the fat pockets beneath my lower lip? (Photo)

Since I was a teenager I've never liked the area around my mouth. My lips look uneven, and there seems to be fat pockets beneath my lower lip on each... READ MORE

Best treatment for disappearing lips? (photos)

Hello I'm 30 yrs old. I have never smoked. I noticed my top lip has been getting smaller. And the line on one side is disappearing. And two lines have... READ MORE

Lip Injections or Lip Lift? 26y/o with Long Upper Lip

I am 26 years old. I wanted to get some sort of lip augmentation. I was originally thinking injections but I have read that if you have a long upper... READ MORE

What would you recommend for reducing philtrum thickness?

I have a very thick philtrum and its really looks bad is there any way to decrease its thickness only not its length? i am 25 year old male. READ MORE

How can I fix a downward smile ?

I want to ask how to fix my lips/smile please & my heavy jawline. I have never been able to smile properly, it's not to do with aging. I'm 30. I... READ MORE

Would Filler Help Raise my Lip Corners or is my Soft Tissue Too Heavy? (photo)

I have heard two conflicting opinions on this. A surgeon feels that filler will end up looking as if it is being pushed down and outward (like a duck)... READ MORE

My mouth goes to one side. Any suggestions? (photos)

My lips go to one side when i talk or smile.Also when i look into mirror i can see my mouth is 60-70% more on to right side of face.I am 34 years old... READ MORE

What type of lip augmentation is right for me? Located in Toronto. Prefer to stay local but willing to travel. (Photo)

I desire the large pouty exaggerated doll lips. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic as I have very thin lips to begin with. I am 27. I have tried 1cc... READ MORE

How to fix discolored lips? I'm 27 yr old black female non-smoker. Doesn't wear makeup. (photos)

Well I have this problem of constantly bitting my bottom lip when I'm nervous around people. I've tried very hard not to but its the only thing that... READ MORE

What to do about these mouth protrusions on the corners of my mouth? (photos)

I've had the protrusion on the on the right side for quite some time but it seems to be getting worse. Now more recently the left one has decided to... READ MORE

Which lip filler is the best choice?

I have been looking into getting lip fillers. I had a breast lift with augmentation about 7 weeks ago. I have read about juvederm, restylane and a... READ MORE

How do I best treat lip wrinkles? (Photo)

I am only 32 but I am starting to see lines in my upper lips. My mother and grandmother both have prominent lip wrinkles and my whole life I have... READ MORE

How to correct the mounds around the sides of my mouth, which are much more prominent on my left side. (photo)

I am 28 now. When I started college, I gained 15 pounds, and I noticed the mounds for the first time shortly after I lost the weight a few years later... READ MORE

What's the Deal with my New Lip Lines? (photo)

I have recently noticed terribly deep lines on my lips. I am 29, have never smoked, never tan, and always practice good sun protection. Overall my... READ MORE

How many syringes would I need in my lips to achieve a more plump appearance? Plus what is the ball park cost? (Photo)

I am 27 years old & I have never had my lips done. I usually over line them to achieve a larger look but when the makeup comes off I'm disappointed... READ MORE

What should I do? Lip fillers or lip lift? (Photo)

I'm 32 to female who will have rhinoplasty( my nose tip will be raised and my top lips will be even more but my lips will look even more droopy ) I'm... READ MORE

What's the best procedure for permanent or long-lasting lip augmentation?

I'm 26 and have been getting Juvederm XC injections into my lips since the age of 22. The problem is that my body absorbs a full syringe within 2-2.5... READ MORE

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