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8 Days Since my Lips Were Filled, Shouldn't the Swelling Be Gone by Now? (photo)

Hi! I had my lips done with filler 8 days ago and there is still noticeable swelling above my lip (more on one side than the other). I'm now concerned... READ MORE

5 days post op of Lip Augmentation with Juvederm, my lower lips developed hematoma. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Friday my lips were injected with a total of one syringe Juvederm Ultra XC I developed bruising within 1 hour post procedure. I've been icing 20 min... READ MORE

Teosyal Lip Fillers! My Top Lip is Bigger Than the Bottom and Has a Huge Lump in the Middle?

Hi I have had lip filler with teosyal a week ago my top lip looks so big compared to the bottom!! Is there any thing I can do to make it go down I... READ MORE

I bumped my lip 6 days after having fillers. Is it something i should worry about? (photos)

I had the lip augmentation procedure done 6 days ago, most visible swelling and bruising has gone. there is still very minor bumps. my lips are just... READ MORE

Should I be concerned if I see lumps under my lip? Or am I still healing? Been 5 days. Does massage cause lumps n bumps?

Is massage during healing good? Been 5 days swelling gone down alot and bruising almost gone. Should I be concerned if I see lumps under my lip?? Or... READ MORE

Should my lips still be randomly swelling more than a week later after having my lip fillers? (Photo)

I had my lips done over a week ago then swelling and bruising went down but I woke up for the past two days and the right of my top lip is huge and... READ MORE

Sudden painful swelling in submucosal mass. Why has this happened? (Photo)

I had filler inject months ago at my nose septum I can feel it penetrate to my upper lips in the operating but the look is fine and nothing wrong.... READ MORE

I had lip injections 1week ago. They are uneven. Cupids bow on right side is higher then the left. Any suggestions? (photos)

Right side is clearly not as full as the left side on both top and bottom. Does top look bigger then bottom lip? Should I just have these dissolved or... READ MORE

Lip Swelling After Yaluronic Acid Injection

I had yaluronic acid injected in my upper lip 7 days ago. The swelling was gradually reduced but today it suddenly got swollen again and hurts... READ MORE

I had my lips injected last Sunday and developed a large lump inside my lower lip. How can I fix it? (Photo)

The person told me it's normal to get lumps and that it would leave he told me to massage it which I have everyday twice a day for 2 mins and it's now... READ MORE

I had lip filler last week. What should I do?

I had lip filler and this is the end of week 2 but still have the duck look. I really hate it. What should I do? Shall I wait for some time or check... READ MORE

How to proceed after lip augmentation? Possible touch-up? (photos)

I've had lip augmentation done 6 days ago with hyaluronic filler. 0.6ml was used and there is 0.4ml left for a touch-up. Now with all the swelling... READ MORE

Laser to remove? (photos)

I got a lip augmentation six days ago (hialuronic acid) and I am not satisfied, my lips are huge. I visited another doctor to remove and she doesn't... READ MORE

Nerve irritation following lip injections - How long will this last? (Photos)

I had lip injections done 5 days ago by a board certified doctors,and both of my lips now do a bit of twitching when I do certain movements also when... READ MORE

Can I get impetigo from lips fillers? (Photo)

I had lips fillers the Friday then the Sunday it came up with impetigo I went to the doctors to clarify this and get treatment asap and it was. How... READ MORE

Weird profile after Restalyn Silk injection. Would a lip lift help? (Photos)

I am now 6 days out from Restalyn Silk injection in my upper lip (1 full syringe). I am happy with it from every angle except my profile. I feel like... READ MORE

I got lip injections about a week ago and I have these blister now. I have these blister what are they? (photo)

I have never had a cold sore before so I don't know what it is or if it could be one .. what does it look like to you? READ MORE

1 week post op, I can't see my teeth after lip fillers. Is this normal?

Hi I had fillers one week ago. I think I'm still swollen but when I talk it looks like i have no top teeth. My son was shocked when he saw me. He says... READ MORE

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