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1 Day Post Lip Augmentation: Partial and Uneven Swelling

Hi, I had a lip augmentation (with hyraluronic acid) yesterday,only uppler lip, a low dose (half shot) to even my lips and fill the upper right part... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce the Lip Filler in my Lips?

I got my lip done yesterday. my upper lip is way too bigger than my lower lip, I know there will be swollen going on for a while, but the swollen will... READ MORE

Lip fillers 12 hours ago. SEVERE swelling! Please tell me when this will go down. I'm devastated. (Photo)

I had my lip fillers corrected last night as a previous doctor had left my lips uneven. I had them fixed last night with 1ml over top and bottom.... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Lip's to Swell So Much from Teosyal Kiss?

I had my lip's done yesterday with a nurse who trained in Harley street.They looked so good a first, plumped but quite natural, I was really happy... READ MORE

Please Help Had a Lip Filler and I Want It out As Soon As Possible? (photo)

I had a lip filler today and its so ugly and its not even its not just it looks big cuz its new ... When i smile its not even and its ugly ...I just... READ MORE

Should my Filled Lip Ultimately End Up Looking Any Larger Than Immediately After It's Done?

I had my top lip filled with Perlane yesterday afternoon and it looked great right after. Later in the evening it got much larger and now I'm... READ MORE

How Do I Heal Bruising Following Restylane Injection? Also, Will the "Duck Bill" Appearance to my Top Lip Settle? (photo)

I had restylane to my lips almost 24hrs ago. The bruising has increased post injection. Will this get better soon? How can I speed healing? Am taking... READ MORE

Round Lumps Same Day After Lip Fillers, Should I Worry? Permanent?

I am a total worryer, I have had lip fillers (only today) but I can feel round lumps or nodules under my upper lip. I do have bruising understandably... READ MORE

Lips grew 3 times bigger 2-3 hours after the procedure. Should I have the acid dissolved asap, or will swelling vanish? (Photo)

Had LA with neauvia organic yesterday ( 0.5 syringe).Lips were visibly plumper but looked fine. Came home, an hour later I saw two lumps and massaged... READ MORE

1 day post op Lip fillers, how do I minimize this swelling in the shortest amount of time? (photos)

Hi There.I got my lips injected with lip filler yesterday and they are still on 18 hours post procedure and trying NOT to freak out. I am... READ MORE

Please Help I Had a Lip Filler and I Want It out As Soon As Possible?

I had a lip filler yesterday but its so ugly so big its not even in some places ,, i just want it out right now should i wait or its safer if i take... READ MORE

Should I be worried about the swelling after lip fillers? They are huge! (Photo)

I had my lip fillers done yesterday. I am so worried about the swelling! I can't remember it swelling like this last time.. I had 0.7 of juverderm... READ MORE

I did a lips filling yesterday but my upper lip look like duck dace and the buffness starts just after the nose (photos)

Is it normal to look like duck face and how much tune it needs to look normal and can I remove the filling if I didnt like the results READ MORE

1 day after lip fillers. Will this swelling go down? If so, when? (Photo)

I had lip fillers yesterday.there was little swelling that went down but woke up this morning to my underneath my top lip showing. Will this go down... READ MORE

One side is bigger than the other. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got my lips done a day ago and one side was a little bit bigger so my injector told me to smash it around so i did and it's bigger then it was READ MORE

Do I have tissue necrosis after lip fillers? (photos)

Hi could I please have so advice on my lips. I had 1ml of filler injected 24hours ago, I have quite a lot of swelling and they are very sore/tender, I... READ MORE

1 Day post-op lip injections: Lumps in corner of upper lip and swelling causing "duck lips" - Will they stay like this? (Photo)

I got my lips injections yesterday and I can feel two lump in the corners of my upper lip. this makes me appear 'ducky' which isn't what I wanted.... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Nodule/bump/overfill , or Uneven Swelling 24 Hours Later? (photo)

8/15 I had 1cc of Silikon 1000 injected into my lips, primarily my upper lip. I am pleased with the results so far (though there is swelling and... READ MORE

1 day post op Lip filler, my lips is swelling and looks like a duck. The doctor had to use 1 injection. Any suggestion? (photo)

I had lip filler yesterday my upper lip looks like a duck its swilling the doctor had to use one full injection just to my upper lip and small amount... READ MORE

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