Overbite + Lingual Braces

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Overjet/Overbite - Large Bottom Incisors? (photo)

Hi I have been to see an orthodontist about my overjet. I have been told that the only way to fix it would be braces and an operation. I went to see a... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Me to Have Lingual Braces and Veneers at the Same Time?

I have an overbite, plus my teeth stick a bit. If I get lingual braves could I get veneers while I have them? Or, would I have to wait until I'm done... READ MORE

Incognito braces or Invisalign for crooked front teeth? (photo)

Hi.im 30 yrs old and work for a major airline with a strict no braces policy.i want to fix my crooked teeth and improve my overbite as it affects my... READ MORE

What's the difference between lingual braces and Incognito?

Are these two braces the same thing ? And also can they fix overbite? ( In my case my top teeth cover bottom teeth ) READ MORE

Is it advisable to go for orthodontic treatment for the second time ?

Am 31 years old and had braces three years back for over bite or protrusion of the front tooth, had two healthy teeth in the front removed to make... READ MORE

Will Lingual Braces Correct TMJ and an Open Bite? (photo)

I have TMJ and an open bite. The orthodontist is suggesting to remove 4 molars (1, 16, 17, 32) and getting 8 TADs (Lingual and Buccal 2, 3, 14, 15),... READ MORE

Unhappy with incognito lite braces, overbite getting worse. Shall I take it off before it's too late? (Photo)

Hi, I had incognito lite braces fitted on my upper teeth around 3 weeks ago. My teeth were near perfect as I had braces as a teenager but they became... READ MORE

25 year old male with deep overbite and overjet. Extraction necessary for lingual, how will it change my facial profile? (Photo)

Went to ortho consultations and 2 said invisalign will not fix my overbite completely and 2 said it will. 1 suggested lingual, which I prefer (I will... READ MORE

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