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Invisalign vs. Lingual Braces to Fix Crossbite?

I would like to try invisalign or lingual braces but I would prefer anything that could fix my crossbite faster. Also,the lower teeth are tilting a... READ MORE

Will lingual braces fix this? (photos)

I don't want regular braces, I'm 20 years old and already look young. I don't get taken seriously and braces will make it worse. Also traditonal... READ MORE

Lingual braces or Invisalign for overcrowding and mild overlap?

Travelling to a foreign country to get the work done so just want to make sure I'm clear on my options. Top teeth: On the left side, my third tooth... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lingual or Invisalign braces, and do I need top braces to fix bottom teeth? (photos)

I had braces in high school, and was given a top retainer to wear every night and a permanent bottom retainer adhered to the back of my bottom front... READ MORE

25 year old male with deep overbite and overjet. Extraction necessary for lingual, how will it change my facial profile? (Photo)

Went to ortho consultations and 2 said invisalign will not fix my overbite completely and 2 said it will. 1 suggested lingual, which I prefer (I will... READ MORE

Lingual braces to fix overbite/overjet and gap? (Photo)

I worry that my case may be too excessive for lingual braces, however I like the aspect of hidden braces. I understand that Invisalign are generally... READ MORE

Would lingual braces be a good idea for mild crowding of teeth in 25 year old? What options do I have other than braces? (Photo)

I have mild crowding (upper and lower, front) that started when I was 23. This has worsened over the last 2 yrs. I had perfectly shaped and straight... READ MORE

Lingual braces?

I just had a couple of quesitons regarding my treatment I had with lingual braces. I've had them on for about 2 years however within that two years I... READ MORE

Best option to pull down front tooth? 21 yr old

I've had regular metal braces when i was younger, and i just finished my invisalign treatment recently, but they couldn't pull down that one tooth in... READ MORE

Can I have lingual braces even if I don't have right upper incisor teeth? (Photo)

My upper lateral incisor was removed during my childhood. My orthodontist close the gap but it doesnt look good at all bec it makes my smile looks... READ MORE

Face asymmetrical in all ways will wearing Lingual Braces help?

I have asymmetrical face. My left eyebrow & eye is lower than right . My left eye is smaller than my right eye. My left cheek bone is lower and... READ MORE

What are my treatment options? Linguals or implants or something else? (Photo)

I'm a 21 year old female. Both my canines failed to erupt while the permanent teeth have grown fully above them. My problem is that I don't want... READ MORE

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